Hello reader,

I am @StoryWriter_97  or you can call me Debby.
I am not very good in writing but all these scenarios 
always appear in my head that I need to write it.

I'm not a very good writer. (Since my grammar is the huge problem)
But, I write about:
- Mystery and suspense
- Comedy
- Romance
- Fantasy 
- Poem (sometimes they are just plain Drama Llama)
Note: They only exist in my mind...Never wrote much about it because of my laziness. But, I am going to start writing maybe when I have a good plot.

I am working on one and I hope you would enjoy it. :)
My other account is @DePixy_05
That is my Sharing account with my Little Sister and Best friend. 
We were suppose to be writing an Alice in Wonder land fan fiction but Little sister isn't interested in it. So Me and my Bestie (if she is interested) are going to continue it.
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