Status: Hey guys! You all need to go read hannah_t's stories! 'You found me' and 'The Wayward Mate' are some of the most original stories I've read! (1 year ago)


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Love this story!!!! Please update!!!!
Project Popularity

Omg please update :( I love this story too much to stop reading. Oh and what about CARA?!?!
The Elementals: The Rise of...

I knew it! I knew Max would come back! Although I didn't expect it to be like this... :'(
The Elementals: The Rise of...

This is so epic.
The Elementals: The Dawn of...

Oh my god! :( how sad and yet... I loved it!!! I could feel my heart break for Derrek! Ugh I think he is the best. Best chapter so far!
The Elementals: The Dawn of...