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Aloha!!! :) 
M Neha... And m sixteen!! (sweet sixteen ;)). 
And I soo ain't  kinda chick u wanna mess with... Lol kidding trust moi I m the nicest and sweetest person evaaaa!!! 
I don't tolerate liars or cheaters at all... I have no respect for such people cause to me they can't seem to respect themselves.

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I just love the story!!!! And ur writing is captivating. But he said hi name is Cale(Caleb)?!?!?!?!?!
Tangled Fates

Witch!!!!! That was totally HAUTTE!!! Rebecca is stupid to not leave now.
A Servant for a Mate

Maybe he met Lissa when he was small?! Is Alice's pet name lissa???

Honestly U made my day by telling me that I made ur day well night actually. Not many people thank me...