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Well, I'm Stephany Fumino and it really isn't my real name but I love to use it to people to recognize me.. Not that I don't like my true identity or something in fact its the opposite.. I love it!! Ü What can I say about myself? They say I'm good-looking, intelligent and still improving my self-confidence.. I love myself for who I am even though there are circumstances that I kinda not like myself for not being what others want me and envy others   for being so perfect in my eyes but that's life... I don't have a fair-skin but trying to gain one still I like playing like a child under the heat of the sun with my friends... I'm still enjoying myself as a youth that others might take me as being childish or  something... Anyway, I'm fine with the way they look at me as long as I have my TRUE and not-so-true friends beside me to support.. :D

I started liking mangas when I saw my brother read one of them and because of boredom I tried it.. Good thing it gave me some interest until I saw wattpad.. Now I read wattpad stories more than mangas yet they're both equal to me.. Ü Maybe this may already help you know me better than my looks..


Destiny diary (Three perfect days) - ONESHOT

Destiny diary (Three perfect days) - ONESHOT

1 page, updated Dec 04, 2013
High school Lovelife ko po yan :'))
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Masayang Nakaraa'y Mabilis na Lumipas...

Masayang Nakaraa'y Mabilis na Lumipas...

1 page, updated Sep 22, 2012PG-13PicturesCompleted
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Kayo na pala eh!! (English Version)

Kayo na pala eh!! (English Version)

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COUREANS forever together...
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