Heya there. <3 

 My name's Dina , i'm 17 years old ,  I love Listening to music , reading , Tennis and being a complete weirdo. 
I love the vampire diaries ( TEAM STEFAN) , Supernatural and i also like anime ( Naruto , Fairy tail , Highschool of the dead , Deathnote fan and a lot more. ) 
I like fantasy books the most which is why my favorite book has to be House of Night series i'm also a big fan of Divergent and of course the Hunger games. 

I always dream about gaining super powers , become a major villain and ruling the world with my epicness. Pizza and Ice cream is just heaven , i'm also a Caffeine addict , my brain wouldn't work properly without my daily cup of coffee. 

I'm a perfectionist , whenever i'm uploading a chapter or adding a new story i take all the time in the world and put my heart and soul in it because i want it to be perfect so it'll probably take me a while to upload. 

I have a weird phobia considering pandas , they just freak me out so if you are one stay away from me. 

I will gladly read your story if you put the link on my message board asking nicely. 

Random Facts about me : 

-My favorite Color is Aqua blue :'3 
-Lord of the rings is my favorite movie , yea ._. 
-Linkin' park and Bullet for my valentine are my favorite bands. 
-Being smart is a turn on me for me so if you want to impress me say something witty.  ><
-I think Nicki Minaj is scary and needs rehab. 
-I can speak Fluent French and a bit of spanish :') 
-I'm allergic to Cats and i seriously do hate kids , they all need to be locked up in a cage away in a zoo, especially my brother. 

well yea , that's pretty much it. A dieu.
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