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* The Divided: BLOOD AND LAW


This account, for the past few years has been run by two people. Together we wrote The Urbem - Momentum - Armageddon. However for the past year, mine and my co-writers relationship became strained. In the end frustrations boiled over and a decision had to be made about the series.

So, now I'm taking it on solo. THE DIVIDED: BLOOD AND LAW will be the new version of the old stories. Myself and my ex co-writer are still friends and there are no hard feelings... but to any old fans, be prepared for some changes... and to any new ones - welcome.

THE URBEM and MOMENTUM will eventually be removed.


- all my works are first draughts
- i do not post my work anywhere else and give no permission for it to be anywhere else
- the work is mine and mine alone. don't copy :3
- let me know if you see any of the above violated. thanks!
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Description: Inferior and Subservient. That’s the words they used over 3,000 years ago when asked to describe a woman; well, reader, let me tell you that things have changed quite a bit. Enter a worldwide revolution, 3,000 years of judgment, and two rebellious...


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Momentum (Completed)

Momentum (Completed)

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Life for Lyra and Nephele was never destined to be easy; that was something they both knew. But, with th...

jenny_qoo posted a message to Spelling_Bee
      The puking cloud is beautiful and it perfectly expresses how I feel almost all the time. And I can't wait to read more of your stuff!! I would definetly definetly pay to buy your book in stores.
BrynnC posted a message to Spelling_Bee
Hey! I just wanted to post on here how I love your two books and when my friends need new things to read I always suggest these two. They are amazing. :)
I agree with a few other comments... this needs to be a movie. and a published book. I'm not one to spend money on books anymore with the invention of wattpad, but I would so throw my money at this! I'm sad to hear about the data loss... I was looking forward to the third book. I think I read all of this in under 72 hours I couldn't put it down! I'm interested in the summary though just so there's finality lol :) both books were amazingly written!