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Name Rykiel (:
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Hello there, I see you have stumbled upon my profile.
lol you'll probably leave now ok you do that, thats ok.
But I'm gonna keep talking so.

I'm Rykiel and I love One Direction like a fat kid loves cake.
I live in Canada, obvs the wrong country. 
I wanna be british, please.
To any new fans reading this:
Hi, welcome. You are now reading this and will have to deal with my horrible updating skills.

Okay so let's get something clear; I know I'm not the best writer but yenno, I improve everyday, I do have mistakes here and then but doesn't everybody? Oh my god, sometimes I go back and look at what I started with and wow it was bad. Don't bring it up. It's embarrassing.

I obviously, love my fans to the moon and back, you guys are so supportive and the reason I even bother to continue writing my shitty fan fics.

I will definitely be finishing 'We're Only Going One Direction' but I do have a feeling I will be leaving Wattpad. I won't deactivate it, so my fan fictions will still be available to read. I just won't be posting. I won't be doing that for a while though.

Thanks to who ever read this all the way till down here wow you really must be patient.
I love you guys all and thanks for putting up with me :) 

50 fans [X]
100 fans [X]
500 fans [X]
1000 fans [X]
1500 fans [X]
2000 fans [X]
2500 fans []

ilysm guys thank you so much awh

One thing though; Please, please, please. Do not ask me to read your story,  I have no time to read every single one of you that asks me's, stories. I barely have time to update. And please don't advertise your story in the comments of mine. I find it rude and will remove your comment if you do, so.


We're Only Going One Direction (One Direction Fan Fiction)

We're Only Going One Direction (One Direction Fan Fiction)

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I Just Met You and This is Crazy (Harry Styles Fan Fic)

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