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Name ♥Kayla♥&♥Madie♥
Location In Your Dreams, Babe.(; I was sure you already knew. ♥
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Hmmm... It has been a while since I have changed the lyrics on this.. -- Madie <3

 Is it the way that you talk
 That's causing me to freak
 Is it the way that you laugh
 That's making my heart beat
 Is it the way that you kiss
 It's gotta be the way that you taste

 You're such a gorgeous nightmare
 Old habits never seem to go away
 You make me feel brand new, Yeah
 We resurrect, It's like I've come back to life

-- Gorgeous Nightmare - Escape the Fate --

♥Hello babes.(; I'm Kayla, call me Kay;
5"6 BrownHair/BrownEyes I'm 15 years young. The girl on the right in our picture is me. Madie Loves to call me Wanese - my middle name - when I'm in trouble. And Kayy when she decides it's time to join the fun. I'm taken. I'm random. I'm straight. Go ahead and chat me up! I love meeting new people, and having random conversations!(; @SuicidallRomance

♥Hiya, I'm Madie;
5"6 BrownHair/BlueEyes I'm 15 years young. The girl on the left in our picture is me. I'm Taken <3. I'm straight. I'm quite sarcastic. I'm slightly mean, but just like Kayy you learn to love it. :) I may have a slight obsession with wolves, and books. ;) But don't we all have some kind of obsession? :) I love to chat, so talk me up! Fan this chick (Me) if you wanna get to know me better ---->  @PerishedLove

Kayla's Song:
You are so Beautiful - Escape the Fate

Madie's Song:
Another Nightmare - Outline in Color

Carry On My Wayward Son - Kansas
Animals - Nickelback
Devour - Shinedown

Kayla's Color: 

Madie's Color: 

Kayla's Band:
Adelitas Way

Madie's Band:
Oh, The Irony

Our Band:
Art Of Dying

Kayla's Birthday:
September 28

Madie's Birthday:
July 21

<3 <3

Don't be a stranger! - Message Us!(; ♥

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