We are sora.and.noir from quizilla :D We're best friends from a small town and we are in love with anime/manga! 
      Noir: We originally started writing when Sora randomly wrote me a story 6 years ago. Then I continued what she started by writing my first Naruto story (Gaara love story) which is not being posted on here cause it is HORRIBLE!
      Sora: Carrying on the tradition, I started a Naruto story as well (Kakashi love story) which also ended very badly....we would rather not discuss it. After a while, Noir discovered quizilla randomly and we made separate accounts just to keep track of stories.
      Noir: But we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into!
      Soir: SO!...
      Noir: We ended up writing more and more stories and one day I posted some of them while Sora posted random things for a while. 
      Sora: Basically, it didn't take me very long until I started posting my own stories. Eventually, because Noir made my account with both our names in it (*rolls eyes*), we decided to join our accounts.
      Noir: I had to transfer ALL my stuff over to her account WHICH was very tedious and annoying just for the record -____-
      Sora: ^o^ Ever since then we've been writing stories varying from Naruto to Black Cat, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood to Ouran High School Host Club (Some of which are not yet posted) and still have a lot of incomplete works to finish.
      Noir: We are HUGE procrastinators and lazy so it sometimes takes a while. Just bear with us ^_^
      Soir: In conclusion,
      Sora: We joined Wattpad because we received an email on quizilla from Amaterasu with a request for this site. So we joined it up! And now here we are!
      Noir: Hope you enjoy our stories and keep an eye open for upcoming projects ^o^
      Sora: messagerateenjoy!? :D
      Noir: Peace.....
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I Am Not Just Your Little Puppet {A Kankuro Love Story}

Social data: 17.5K reads. 315 votes. 70 comments.

Description: This is a Kankuro love story that I wrote/am writing on Quizilla, so I'm transferring it :) I hope y'all like it! messagerateenjoy!? :D ~Sora

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