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Name Stephen / Sora
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Kingdom Hearts addict.

Full-Blooded Christian

Easily pissed, but has a lot of friends!



"I'm personally fond of video games. My favorite one is Kingdom Hearts, pertaining to my pen name, Sora."

"I'm a dancer. Basically, dancing has been a really big part of my life, because I've started dancing since I was 4 years old."

"I love music. Even though I'm not much of a singer, I still try. I mean, who knows? When that day I become famous finally comes (and it will VERY SOON), I may consider becoming a musician. I know some guitar basics, albeit not a professional."

"I also love acting. I don't know why, but I have this strange ability to mimic dialogues from the movies and shows that I watch. Not to brag, but I can memorize easily. I love English, since it's my forte. I'd like to laugh, cry, kiss, smile on cue. And not to brag, but it's my destiny to be famous. I know, because God told me so."

"I'm a cosplayer. I love dressing up in costumes and entertaining people. And basically, it's nice to walk around in a costume and NOT care about what people think about you."

"I'm a writer. I have novels in Wattpad, I write poems and short stories, and just plain write. It's nice to create your own world and mold it into your liking."

"But the One I love the most is God. Basically, I don't know what I'd do, where I'd be, why I'm here, or who I'd be without Him. So I'm eternally grateful."


 @_UhMayZhing_ - Awesome girl. Her stories are gorgeous and she's awesome. Did I mention she's awesome? XD




3 parts / 3 pages, updated Sep 27, 2013PG
Just as Hiara thought that all of her hopes were shattered as her bestfriend, Jim, left her, she comes back on her feet to start fresh. But after stepping into Slumberland and hav... read more
36 reads votes 0 comments 0
Madeline Is Back

Madeline Is Back

3 parts / 3 pages, updated Sep 21, 2013PG-13
In a posh apartment in New Jersey, dazzling with rhinestones and has it on lock... Lived 11 young ladies and Madeline, who's back and ready to ROCK! ♥ ♥ ♥ The smallest... read more
133 reads votes 5 comments 0
The Beauty, The Geek and The Dark Hour (A Persona 3 Fan Fiction)

The Beauty, The Geek and The Dark Hour (A Persona 3 Fan Fiction)

3 parts / 5 pages, updated Oct 23, 2012PG-13
Being a female transfer student in Gekkoukan High School, you face the endeavors of an ordinary student in an ordinary basis. But after ... read more
932 reads votes 23 comments 8
Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Whose Line Is It Anyway?

2 parts / 1 page, updated Sep 30, 2012G
A guessing game wherein you get to guess the lines mentioned, whether it from a movie, series, anime, video game, book or song. Get a correct answer, get 1 free fan. =D
191 reads votes 5 comments 13
Time After Time

Time After Time

12 parts / 17 pages, updated Aug 20, 2012G
An agency from the future has sent an artificially-created human to the past for a certain mission. But if fondness and love get in the way, can he still fulfill his mission?
1,237 reads votes 22 comments 16
Tainted: Love Over Lineage

Tainted: Love Over Lineage

6 parts / 7 pages, updated Jul 14, 2012PG
From the day he was born, Christopher Liardo was raised to be and only be evil, for him to assume the throne from his father and become the ruler of the kingdom ... read more
558 reads votes 23 comments 16
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