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Hi people!! Lol. 
 My real name is Danielle, but call me Louise!. It's mah middle name. I'm the emo freak at school but I don't really give a damn on what people thinks.

I get abused by my brother. For 3 years now. And starting from the age of 11.. I started:
-getting bullied
-having family problems
-punching the wall
-hitting my head against the wall until it bleeds
-breathing in secondhand smoke
-smoking in general
-I did weed, and pot once
-I am bullimic

My talents?

But my hobbies and pastimes?
Lots.. Like:
Singing, Drama, Dancing, Listening to the bands above ^^^, Playing guitar, Writing stories, Being Sarcastic to my brothers, Feeding my turtle (yea! That's right!! I hazz a turtle!),Ignoring bullies, Watching Music channels, Composing songs,Making poems
Drawing rock celebrities

I love Justin Bieber's music. They're really catchy :)
And I am officially obsessed with One Direction thanks to my friend Jelani. 

I only write aything that's Larry related :)

Why do I love One Direction? (this could be deep)
Well, they are my heros. And my inspiration. I wasn't a Directioner at a start to be honest. And I use to be one of their haters, but they gave me a question to ask myself.. Why do I hate them? Well I had no answer. And they also gave me a reason to be a Directioner. Harry's flirtiness, but sweet and caring side. Louis' fun and 'forever young' attitude, but loving and sensitive side. Niall's quirkiness and laugh, and being able to accept the fact that being different from the group made him our special snowflake. Liam and his responsible side, but a cheeky and fun person as well. And Zayn, his personality changing from quiet to out going. They are one of the people who inspire me to do a lot of things I never knew possible. They are also one of the people that... prevented me from causing suicide. I love them because they made girls feel special, and beautiful. As for the haters. I don't know why you hate


Did he forget? [Larry Stylinson story]

Did he forget? [Larry Stylinson story]

2 parts / 3 pages, updated Aug 22, 2012PG-13VideoPictures
Louis and Harry are drifting farther and farther each day. Ever since Eleanor came into the picture, Louis barely talked to Harry, barely took notice o... read more
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