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Rewriting this for the hundredth time fml

Not really much to me really. I like to draw, sing, read, and obviously to write. Otherwise why would I be on here?

 If you bother to look at my works then you'd see that I like Naruto. Of course I like others as well, but you can figure out which ones on your own.

I'm kind of a grammar gnat, can't stand punctuation errors, which is partly why I have a lot of my old works under editing. I know people love them so I don't dare delete them, but I can't stand reading them myself.

I'm also on deviantart. It's not that hard to find me so I won't bother putting the username up. 

 @xXCaptainOptimistXx - Go fan this chick! She's just plain amazing!
 @UnicornPajamas - She's chill dude :P she's chill
 @G0ldenW0lf - Best friend in the history of BFFs right here~
 @icecreamdream - This be a snuggly panda :3
 @XxMeWxX4444 - Some kickass stories right here man
 @Shadowsong3329 - I stalk this chick sometimes lol o3o shhh....
 @Physcosaphy - Pretty sure she's stalking me while I stalk Shadow xD
 @twigamesluv11 - She's got too many freaking accounts >.> I mean look at this: 
 @itstheAmBeRIAmPs plus she's got a combined one with mew:
 @XxMewGamesxX which has some awesome fan-fics on it too.

WotW- Wolves of the Wing [on hold]
PSS- Poems and Short Stories [on hold]
BAA- Beasts: Alive Again (Naruto Fan-fic) [under MAJOR editing]

(btw have some new stories I'll be working on as well ;P keep an eye out)


Poems and Short Stories

Poems and Short Stories

14 parts / 18 pages, updated Nov 25, 2012
This is just a book of random stories and poems I decided to write while I was bored or for some school project or something. PS: From Goodbye mother forward I th... read more
2,292 reads votes 57 comments 79
Beasts: Alive Again (Naruto Fan-fic)

Beasts: Alive Again (Naruto Fan-fic)

13 parts / 57 pages, updated Nov 24, 2012VideoPictures
......Darkness was all I could see. All I could ever see. Constant swaying always making my head spin. I only ever remembered the solid black. There was ... read more
17,847 reads votes 412 comments 193
Wolves of the Wing

Wolves of the Wing

10 parts / 35 pages, updated Apr 21, 2012
Just gonna say this now, I update slowly so get over it, I get writer's block a lot. It plagues me to no end -.- anyway here's the actual summary... As an orphan, Sita ... read more
4,308 reads votes 112 comments 160
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Update woman >.> or else I shall stalk you
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@dangercatsy ikr I'm re-writing this story, he's still gonna die but I'm re-writing it so it's better written xD
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