Hi! thanks for checking out my profile! My name's Jenny and I love writing. I am a science teacher and so the amount of free time I have to write is very limited but I still aim to update at least one of my stories each week! I am a massive fan of the hunger games and formula 1!

Justice was the first story I started on here and so is ALWAYS given preferential updates compared to my other stories. 

It would mean a lot to me if you would check it out and let me know what you think! The first couple of chapters aren't the best in terms of my writing but once i finish the whole book I'll be spending time going back over it and rewriting to make it better! :D
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Justice, the 4th hunger games book, the story after mockingjay

Social data: 101K reads. 1.1K votes. 289 comments.

Description: Hey, This is a fanmade hunger games 4th book. All rights Go to Suzanne Collins, I do not own this idea. I am continuing from where she left off, it is 10 years after the rebellion, katniss and peeta have two children, Rue and Fin. We follow Katnis...

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