So first off, my username is pronounced like this (Smy-lin-Jay). Just so we can all get rid of the big mystery.
I love writing stories, reading them, and discovering them. I was introduced to this site months ago and now I'm addicted. I hope one day I can write half as good as these amazing writers on here!
Don't be afraid to share stories with me or message me!
Random facts:
I hate with a passion when someone writes "Nope." Popping the P. I mean like of all common phrases you had to use that?
I'm addicted to this site.
I spend majority of my time writing.
I hate grapefruit.(See RANDOM)

List of Favorite Stories I've Read:
Percy Jackson Series (All 5)
Heroes of Olympus Series (2 of 5)
Kane Chronicles (2 1/2-Almost done the third)
Gallagher Girl Series (4 out of 6. Just bough the 5th and newest one)
The Thief Lord
To Kill A Mocking Bird
Hunger Games Series (All 3- Team Gale :P)
A Wrinkle In Time
The Wedding Planner's Daughter Series (Only 2 out of 6)

*I have like probably dozens more I could post but this sums up just about my favorite books and series.
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My First Kiss

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Description: "Before you freak out I need to ask you a favor. I heard you were the best kisser and school. I've never been kissed and I'm tired of my friends making fun of me for it. So I want you to kiss me. Right here! Right now!" Avia Chestfield is a lip vir...


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