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I work a full time job for a living. Updates will be every two weeks on my 'short week' ( I'm only scheduled 42 hours on those weeks.) I will try to have two chapters ready for upload. They are already written, I just need to type them out.

The Phoenix Series:
It began in the middle over 20 years ago as a school project and has grown into my coping mechanism. I chose a career in Emergency Medicine where I have seen some of the worst humanity has to offer. Many of those horrors have been deposited in these stories.
Thank or curse Stargate: Universe for your opportunity to read my work. They were the third book / movie /series to use something I had previously created for the Phoenix Universe and they were my motivation to put my work out before someone else does. A ship named Destiny that can recharge in suns. Yep. Mine. From over 20 years ago. Avatar's blue methane breathers and House of Night's otherworld are the other culprits. No. I am NOT accusing them of plagiarism.They came up with the same ideas and were first to get them published. 
Warning: You will not like the main character to begin with. You're not supposed to. I created her that way. She's angry, broken and in deep pain. She'll frustrated you, irritate you and generally make you wish.she were real just so you could slap some sense in to her.  Don't worry. She'll grow on you. 
Step into a sci fi / fantasy version of humanity at its worst and when you least expect it -its best.


Phoenix: Another new beginning

Phoenix: Another new beginning

29 parts / 87 pages, updated Dec 12, 2012PG-13
Welcome to the Phoenix universe where magic and science coexist and humans are no longer alone in our galaxy. These stories are not recommended for the fain... read more
496 reads votes 1 comments 3
Companion Guide to the Phoenix Series (On hold)

Companion Guide to the Phoenix Series (On hold)

4 pages, updated Aug 13, 2012PG-13
8 reads votes 0 comments 0

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@MyztikalTearz No. I hadn't. I'm sort of learning this as I go along, more by trial and error than anything else. Thank you for the suggestion.
Phoenix: Another new beginning

You will love this story. I did. Give it a chance. I couldn't stop once I started it. Now I'm impatiently awaiting book 2.

Love the rants. I actually found them entertaining as well as educational. I'm guilty of a few of them. (Gasp of shock) Somewhere during this , a...

In reference to rant #124. I have done it. She appears late in book one and will be a main character throughout the series. Love the rants.

Please message me when you get your story edited. I would really like to read it.
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