Aspiring writer. 

I find British boys extremely sexy, BRING ON THE PORN FILLED ACCENTS! (Just kidding, or am I? o.O)

I love white tigers, partying, dancing, and sleeping (Yes I have a sick obsession with my bed, sue me -.-)

I have dark secrets of things you may not want to know about. Like really...you DON'T want to know.

I like photography, and yes my profile pic is me. Taken by mu-ah.

I'm not THAT exciting really, but I have blue eyes that change with the weather (green for sunny days, grey for rainy, and blue any other time. Which people find super cool). I have short blonde hair (Which I am growing out to my hips). And I am 4'10. Yeah I am super short :p

Did I mention that I am 22? Well I am, but I am told often that I act like a teenager. It's whatev's though. I'm sarcastic, stubborn, arrogant and aggressive at times, but 75% I just like making peoples day with a smile.

I am bismexy. Which means I like girls and boys. Don't like? Too bad 'cause like Macklemore wrote "I can't change, even if I tried. Even if I wanted to." :p

People describe me as funny, random, outgoing, energetic and dirty minded (sex, sex, se-what was I saying? XD)

Anyway, I am currently studying psychology & criminal justice and hope in a few years to travel the world. Preferably before I die. I'm not afraid of risks or any danger, and love watching porn or scary movies.

Lastly, I used to have an account with a lot of votes and fans until a girl hacked it and stole all my stuff. So I had it deleted and made this account. Right now I am in the "rebuilding" stage, and hope to have all my stories as well as new ones put up on here soon. It has been rough for me, but with motivation I will 'get er done'.

If you want to know more about me, feel free to hit me up, message button is somewhere on the screen so tap that sucker and holla at me ;)

@YourBoysNextDoor TheStupidBastard - bro
@XxMaybeThisTime, LostRemainedUnfound -daughter
@HopelessLee -sister
@eushene - she's awesome <3
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I updated Mr. Dominant. Chapter 5 is no longer a sneak peak, but a real full length chapter and I think you guys are going to love the additions I made to it! Please read and while you are there please let me know who you like more out of the guys, Dominic (the dominant one) or Reddic (the submissive one). I really want to know what you guys think of the two guys. Who is better fit for her? Also share my story so I can get more votes, daily I will be updating for you guys.
      Also if you can't see chapter 5, you probably need to follow me to see it as Wattpad tends to make some chapters private due to it's content.
Update for Mr. Dominant pushed til Wednesday. I am in Disneyland for vacation so in going to be slow with finishing the chapter for chapter 5. Sorry
Tomorrow I shall have an update of Mr. Dominant. I posted a sneak peak to give you the first part of chapter 5, but tomorrow I will be uploading the second half for you. So go read the sneak if you just aching to get some of Dom