Aspiring writer. 

I find British boys extremely sexy (Yes I am a 1 Directioner). 

I love white tigers, partying, dancing, and sleeping xD

I have dark secrets of things you may not want to know about. If you do feel free to pm me ;)

I'm not that exciting really, have blue eyes that change with the weather (which people find super cool). Blonde hair. And am 4'10. Yeah I am super short :p

I am bismexy. Which means I like girls and boys. Don't like? Don't tell me about it.

People describe me as funny, random, outgoing, energetic and a heartbreaker. I don't see very many sweet guys in my life. I think I could really use some though. 

Anyway, I am currently studying psychology & criminal justice and hope in a few years to be working for the FBI analyzing criminal behavior or working with negotiations. I'm not afraid of risks or any danger, but I am afraid of spiders. Go figure huh? 

If you want to know more about me, feel free to hit me up, the message button is somewhere on the screen so tap that sucker and holla at meh ;)

@YourBoysNextDoor -WP bro's
@GhostBoy_ My smexi Beta 
@HopelessLee -WP sister.
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