I live in  Brooklyn,New York....I'm sixteen (1998 baby) 
I mostly write for fun and I really have no idea where my futures headed in terms of what I want to do in the future. Writing helps me vent, I've always done it ever since I was younger but I'm taking it more seriously now. 
I don't have a favorite color, song, or artist because my opinion on those things change by the day. I'm an indecisive person and I'm embracing it :P  
I can't spell. I'm obsessed with emojis and I actually use them to express how I'm actually feeling.  
Wattpad is my true love. It's the one thing that stands in between me and my bed <3
I'm typically a cliche person although my life is far from it. My family and my friends inspire me :)) Music is my almost everything. I listen to it when I'm happy, sad, annoyed, fuming (well maybe not because I would risk breaking my iPod) but yeah. And no matter what any of my friends tell you I am not evil!! 
 Please check out my joint account with my best friends which is: writinggurlz11

And please don't be afraid to message me and chat with me when I'm online...I don't really have a life so if you're bored and you are online...message me. I love talking to my readers and other writers on here and it's an excuse to make friends with the awesome people on here. 

Later Loves,:)
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Description: "Everyone has a weak side, even you" Tyler said as he swept a strand of hair behind my ear. Our noses were touching at this point and his cool breath was fanning my face but I couldn't back down. I can't let him or anyone else see my weak side...

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