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Hi there :D 

First off I'm a HUGE, but I mean HUGE fan of DC comics, a some what MARVEL fan and  Romance. I love to read, you can see me all the time reading. So if you see Wonder Woman and Batman on my profile picture that means that I love them as a couple, if you like her with Superman, hey thats you and I'm not going to fight with you about it. Umm...what else can I say about me...oh I have a Fanfiction and Fictionpress account so if you can to read else where you can go to a link I have here and it would lead to to where you want you want to read. Well thats pretty much it for right now. See ya guys soon and I hope you guys can accept me for me and Welcome me with open arms. SEE YA SOON!! xD


The Other One

The Other One

4 pages, updated May 21, 2013PG-13Completed
He made it so easy for me So damn easy To push me to the arms of the 'The Other One' And to tell you the truth, I'm happy he did.
27 reads votes 2 comments 2
The Life Of Abby Morris

The Life Of Abby Morris

3 pages, updated May 01, 2013PG-13Video
Want to read about a girl with a crazy life? Want to know how she deals with it day by day? Want to know how she deal with two best friends who is a guy and sleeps... read more
8 reads votes 2 comments 0
Gone. Never to Return

Gone. Never to Return

4 pages, updated Dec 20, 2012PG-13VideoCompleted
She didn't deserve what he did to her. He regreted everything, but's too late, she's "Gone. Never to Return"
46 reads votes 7 comments 5
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I think a Deal with the Devil would be a nice title lol. Please update whem you can :D
Catch Me

I got to say, I did not see no grammar errors, but the chapter was awesome and I am sorry for your loss...when you can update soon, you know when...
Catch Me

Very interesting and suspenseful lol. Please update soon ;p
A Scandalous Job

YES FINALLY!!! and she told him about that woman. Please update soon :D
Make A Wish, Master~

*Slaps forehead* Just when it was getting super good lol. Please update soon :D
The Arrogant Professor