Status: You know whatsawesome? Comercials from a home town place, and they look into the camera really seriousely (: (2 years ago)


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My name is Lianna!  @LiannaIsSuperAMAZING that is my oher account!)
Here are some things about myself that you maybe would like to know!
I live in Miami Florida and it is very warm here! I have a brother named Marcus...and thats it...(: I have blonde hair that goes to about mid arm,and I have blue eyes!I have tan skin because I live in florida,and I am origionally from Britain(But I only lived there for like 1 month when I was a baby,but I still have an 'accent' aperently..)My favorite food is a grilled cheese because it is just mouth watering yummyness! My favorite desert is... chocolate milkshake! My favorite placed to go,would proably be denver because there are a lot of places to shop there! I am currently 15 with my amazing b-day on August 22! I am 5 foot 2 1/2 inches, and I am damn proud! Don't hate me 'cause you ain't me! Well, I guess this is all you really want to know abaout mebecause I can't think of anything else! I love you all! I really do!
See you All... SOMETIME LATER!!
   I'm the Ally part of Lianna and Ally so ya, 
ive een riding almost 9 years and im just inluv with werewolf stories, im a freshie in hoghschool (not fun)
my friend thomas hurt my shoulder and im got like tons of homewokr daily wich affects my updating with wattpad so that [art isnt fun, 
I'm in love wiht Allstar Weekend so if you read my other stories on my other account @cloverrover2 then youll know that I love from reading some otf the stories
sometimes i mispell things on here that i will never fix but  ya thats me and i love redheads just cuz i am one


Government Wolves.

Government Wolves.

3 parts / 6 pages, updated Feb 18, 2012PG-13
Kaycee and Nicki are some of the most wanted wolves in America... Not because rougues are illegal, not because they commited a murderuos crime, but because they are the m... read more
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