I'm Amy and i'm pretty abnormal. I'm not perfect and I'm weird but hey that's just me. 

I'm pretty different and I have a passion for poetry. Words just come sorta easily to me. Though I think about writing more than I actually do. 

Read, Vote, and Comment I truly  would love some feed back.

P.S. Here something I wrote for someone, but i'll be happy if it helps someone else too: (if you're comfortable, leave a message of how this helped you in anyway) 

"You know how they say that life has its ups and downs? But there's always going to be a light at the end of the tunnel? Well this is your down. Downs are suppose to hurt, they're suppose to take the pain, the anger, the betrayal, the disappointment, and the fears all at once, they're suppose to bring you down to the point where you cant see the light. But it takes a strong person, such as yourself, to look for the light. To find the light and exploit it for everything its got. To find a sense of happiness inside that dark tunnel where happiness shouldn't be. There's always going to be people, ALWAYS, to try and stop you from finding your happiness. But you have to say to yourself, what would I rather, my life be filled with, a big space full of darkness or a space of happiness that takes you a little while to find? Only you will be able to determine the answer." -Amy
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© by Amy White (SitDownAndThink) 2014. All rights reserved. S L O W L Y E D I T I N G (DO NOT READ B...


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It wasn't the sound of the heavy footsteps coming up the stairs in the house or the groaning that came along with it, but the eerie silence that came from outside. Or better yet didn't come. I called out my brothers name, hoping to get a response, but the groaning only got louder, and louder, and louder. I slide out from bed and looked around for something to guard myself with, but only found the remote by my side. I grasped the remote in my hand, while my heart hammered away in my chest. I reached for the door handle--seconds away from turning the knob--but instead of turning the knob fully, the remote slipped. While trying to catch it I accidentally press the power button. The tv blares, and the groaning gets louder. I'm about to turn back around towards the door but something catches my eyes. 
"BREAKING NEWS" flashed across the screen and the reporters looked as if they had slept in there cloths. But before I could think too much about their attire, they started to discuss, with a matter of urgency, some called a zed? 

My throats constricted and my eyes welled up--was it possible that my worst fear had come true. Some "irrational" fear that was. 
*Bang bang throw down with her broski. Action Action, things happen yatta yatta yatta* 
Theres nothing worst that sitting down and waiting waiting for the inevitable. I take the chance, and leave behind everything--and i mean everything--to find somewhere to survive.