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Hello! Thank you for visiting my page!

A couple things about me and what I like? Here they are, in convenient list form!

1: I am a nerd. Just add taped glasses.
2: I love computers!
3: Video Games are a fine form of entertainment. I love them.
4: I like turtles and penguins!
5: Toast is the most beautiful breakfast material on the face of the planet.
6: Ties are demons in tacky, patterny disguise.
7: Racism. Hate it. Even the word sounds nasty. Bad dog. Bad. Baaahahahahad.
8: Tea rules. 3 quarters tea, one quarter milk. 100% good.
9: Got Top Hat? If every guy wore top hats, the world would be a happier place.
10: Puzzles rule, even if the tougher ones make you feel stupid.
11: Those little perpetual motion dipping birds are awesome.
12: I get tired of the kind of people who pretend to be like the 'cool' people, and end up being an idiot/jerk. You know the kind.
13: I'm half British Gentleman, half All-American nerd. The best of both worlds, you might say.
14: I make long lists.
15: I my two favorite educational pursuits are Science and Language. In that order.
16: I'm obsessed with the past. I love retro goodies, old stuff, etc.
17: I'm a decent cartoonist. Nothing fancy, though. 
18: My favorite letter is A
19: My favorite number is 7
20: I'm a huge bookworm. 
21: The man who made the first library must of been some sort of genius. I love libraries.
22: I'm not a very good writer, but I enjoy writing.
23: Those little spherical chunks of heaven, Maltesers (Whoppers in America), are my favorite kind of chocolate.
24: Crunchies are very tasty too, though.
25: In my opinion, America makes the best meat, Britain makes the best quality snacks

                                                                                             Thanks Again,


The Toaster Appreciation Club Bulletin Board

The Toaster Appreciation Club Bulletin Board

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The Story of the Toaster: A History Lesson.

The Story of the Toaster: A History Lesson.

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From iron cages to techno toasters, toasters have been an ongoing phenomenon everywhere!
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Pizza Fridays

Pizza Fridays

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Breakfast in Camelot

Breakfast in Camelot

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The epic story about a freshly sliced piece of toast that goes on a quest to save camelot! Thank you for reading!
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