Call Me Shay (; I'm the chillest person ever, till' you make me hot.

Senior. Class Of 2015 ! 

Tremaine Aldon Neverson is my oxygen / husband ♡

Honey Cocaine is the wife, met her on 11/15/12 (; 

Iggy Azalea's bomb self is obviously my girlfriend.

My favorite rappers are J Cole, Childish Gambino, and Chance the Rapper, in that order ˆ⌣ˆ

Fvck with Joey Bada$$ and Frank Ocean or fvck off ^,^

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†  The Lord Is My One & Only Savior  †
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You VS The World × Mac Miller Story

You VS The World × Mac Miller Story

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Do you know what might happen, if I decide to choose you?

✿ Can't Be The Last Time // A Trey Songz Story ✿

✿ Can't Be The Last Time // A Trey Songz Story ✿

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Ain't no way to explain it, but I know we can make it ♡

God Willin' [2014]

God Willin' [2014]

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Not Going Back > A Childish Gambino Story

Not Going Back > A Childish Gambino Story

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Who knew what just a dash of courage and a spoonful of confidence could do? Donald Glover, better known...

SincerelyShay commented on Uptown Blues. - Withholding.

Awhh, you used that God quote that I posted on Instagram lol I felt special real quick ^.* 
I knew that wasn't the last of Jalen !! Helena is on a whole 'mother level of crazy, like, August is a great man and Dayci is happy -- let your daughter be happy, Ursula -_- 
I think a nice little twist would be since Helena doesn't have Jalen to help her carry out her sick plan, she hires someone else to. Like, say a new person gets hired at the shelter; someone that Dayci has to train and maybe even becomes associates with. But that person's whole purpose for working there was to take down the Dacina (The first two letters in Dayci's name + August's last name so it's pronounced like DAY SEENUH lol) power couple (;
Just an idea but amazing job as usual, can't wait for more, girl ❤
SincerelyShay commented on Triple Threat - chapter ll

Kya is gonna be like putty in Chris' hands, I hope it works out this time around... When August stood Riley up, I was literally sooo sad for her like, nooo ): She'd gotten all dolled up for Mr. Alsina and he dips for what sounded like a hoe -_- Trey, Trey, Trey, tsk, tsk, tsk... Hazel goes all out of her way to please you and then Miss Alicia pops up !? I'm sleep tho. Great chapter, love, can't wait for more ^.^
SincerelyShay commented on Uptown Blues. - Timing Pt. 1

I'm over here refreshing the page like I'm gonna get the second part pronto like a junkie CTFUU OMG how am I gonna be able to go to sleep now !? Ughhhh, I can't even right now, this chapter was perfect in such a weird way. I feel so so bad for August and Dayci, it's like they're both constantly trying to save each other. PLEASE update before I go insane, girl !!