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Description: Just by hearing a last name, it could carry information that could go back for years. Being a part of the Ocean Family that ran the Carolinas seemed like a big plus for many in the area. Since the 1970s, The Ocean's Eleven has always had the upper h...

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SincerelyBreezy commented on Ruby Red Marionette - four | release

Okay, comment time.

Can I just punch Geneva in the fucking face? Like, why is she just so nonchalant and careless? I really do want to know what happened after she blacked out. Like, what if it was Charlie that was the guy behind the smoke? I'm just not understanding. Honestly, I wonder what it would be like if Ashley would have survived the explosion and she would've attended the party with Geneva. If Ashley was alive, maybe we could've gotten some insight on the crowd that occupied the party. But, Geneva got herself into this shit. I mean, she just does not care. That whole mirror scene made me laugh. She says that she doesn't have a soul. Like, what? Girl, get iver yourself Your soul will always be alive if you're breathing and has a conscious mind. Plus, I don't like the way that she treats Simon. Honestly, when she was describing him, I thought about Gabrus from "Guy Code". But, she needs to let Simon go about his life. She isn't doing anything but stressing him out over her shit. I mean, goodness! I just wanna punch her one good time, lol.

As for Charlie...what kind of thing does he have for Geneva? How old is he anyway? I'm keeping my eye out for him. I just have to.

nice chapter.