"The only limitations you'll ever have are those that you place upon yourself."

I wear the black crown of royalty. 

It's either get down or lay down and let the dogs run all over you.
Survival of the Fittest.

West Palm Beach.
High School Senior.
Future English and Creative Writing teacher and BusinessWoman.
Future USF Bull or UCF Knight
Published Author with the help of Createspace/KindleDirectPublishing

Metaphorically, I am a stargazer. I always look ahead and never behind me. The past is the past. Why look back at the past if you can't go there?

I have a thing for old things like cameras, pictures, music. Yeah, I'm an old soul. But, I'm modern at it's best.

I'm not into trends. If I like something, I like it because of what I think of it. If it may seem like I'm following a trend, I'M NOT.

In my mind, I'm married to Kendrick Lamar Duckworth. He's a lyrical genius that raps and writes about the reals. "Sing About Me, I'm Dying of Thirst" is one song of his that made me seem him deeper than just the average rap artist. I've been with him since he was K.Dot from Compton and he released "Rigamortis". 

Yes, I am in love with Kendrick Lamar

See ya later...
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SincerelyBreezy commented on soft ghetto. - pray.

Yoooooo. Just forget about Bellamy and throw my name in there. Let me meet Telvin and throw this ass back a couple times to make that nigga's dyslexia disappear. Lmaooo, I'm stupid.

But, seriously. I like both Telvin and Donovan. It's like they balance each other out and honestly, I'm in love with the both of them deeply. I feel more connect to Donovan because of his situation, but Telvin seems like that kind of guy you could call at 2 in the morning and he'd do whatever he could to make it to your front door.

gosh, I love your writing, girl.
SincerelyBreezy commented on Options - 1

I like this. It's different and different is always refreshing. I like the way you portray Evan and Asha's relationship. They seem to be at a equilibrium with each other. I also don't too much like how he openly agreed on her going to Miami. But, who knows? Maybe he trusts her just that much.

Great start.