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Description: Two years has passed since we’ve last heard from the clans that wrecked hell on the lands of the Carolinas. With Splinter dead and gone, Mecca felt the need to take over the operation to fulfill the plans that his father had. Everyone is on pins and...

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SincerelyBreezy commented on Ruby Red Marionette - twentythree | video

I'm honestly scared of the Geneva that we are about to meet. I know that she can a deceitful person, but I think she's about to just go crazy. I feel as though this will be the time where religious faith, companion faith, and faith in herself will be tested. I believe that this is the time where she will really and truly lose herself. If she loses herself during this, she won't be able to bounce back like she has the power to do time after time. I mean, isn't she tired of the same routine? I'm so fearful of what can come that I can't even conjure up a good comment. 
      It's scary that Carlos is haunting them like that. 
      Where is Geneva's father? Why haven't we met him yet?
SincerelyBreezy commented on Ruby Red Marionette - twentytwo | gin

I'm lowkey disappointed in Geneva, but I'm also silently applauding her. She did something that so many women want to do, but can't do it. Either they think about feeling guilty, afraid, or just flat out regret if they make thay fatal decision. But, those same women are the ones that end up abusing the child and giving them a hard life. I commend her what she did. I honestly would prefer that option than her bringing a child into the world that she wouldn't be able to care for in the way that she would have wanted (which is why Simon should have fvcking known). If she would have given birth, she probably would've neglected the poor being or either put it up for adoption while regretting it forever. I think this whole abortion thing put some perspective into her life about her choices: protection at all times (except for with Isaiah! ;)!) 
      As for Isaiah's suggestion on getting back with the crew, I agree. Even though Isaiah knew Carlos better than any of them, I still feel like they all felt his death because that night they came together (and acted) as if they were family. It was easy for Batul to cry and confess that way. It was easy for Yvette to act way. It was easy for Geneva to even be herself. I'm just saying, Carlos was that miniscule piece to make everyone reveal who they really are without feeling uncomfortable.
      I need for them to meet up.
      We need this to happen.
      I will cry if it doesn't!