I try to write what I know. 
I try to write what I don't know.
I try to write what is real.
I try to write what isn't real.

Overall, I do call myself a writer because I eat, sleep, shower, and breathe the pens, pencils, and notebooks of the world.
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Bold As Sin

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Description: "The Bible or the rifle?" -- ASAP Rocky They say that confessing all of your sins to the Most High can guarantee you a golden ticket into the pearly gates. Yet, they don't tell you about the obstacles that'll come your way once you try to live righ...

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I can admit that I'm a terrible planner when it comes to my story. I'm more of a freelancer because I don't like to confine myself to certain boundaries. 
I think I write better in first person because with certain flows and concepts, it gives me the ability to feel how I want my characters to feel. Kind of like, putting myself in their shoes for a moment.
As writers, we have to teach ouselves to write what we want, to write what makes us confident, and to write what we feel comfortable writing. I can't even count how many stories I abandoned because the concept and flow just wasn't me.
      Learn to be comfortable. Every single person isn't always going to like what you write. Remember that.
It is so hard to come up with that one realistic, thought provoking, emotion pulling, and addictive story that everyone wants to write. It is so hard and I think that "Bold as Sin" is that story for me.