"The only limitations you'll ever have are those that you place upon yourself."

I'm Jamiya.
High School Senior.
Future English and Creative Writing teacher.
Future USF Bull of UCF Knight
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Metaphorically, I am a stargazer. I always look ahead and never behind me. The past is the past. Why look back at the past if you can't go there? Time travel doesn't exist you fucking faggot.

I have a thing for old things like cameras, pictures, music. Yeah, I'm an old soul. But, I'm modern at it's best.

Goodbye, you witches of East Brooklyn.


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Realistic! A great read!


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Black Crowns

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Description: At some point in everyone's life, there's an occurrence of death or the leaving of a beloved person. Then, that feeling of being abandoned sets in and changes everything. In the case of Gabrielle and Cade, that's what happened. While Cade went off t...

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My flash drive that houses "Black Crowns" broke and the next two written chapters are gone. FML.

SincerelyBreezy posted a message

How do you got about the situation of a guy 5+ years your senior wanting to take you out? Goodness...


Honestly, I think that Jupiter is a bad influence. If you know how responsible Keisha is, why not say "drugs aren't for you, Keish. You got a lot more going for yourself other than weed." Like, she literally influenced Keisha to smoke weed. I think that this is gonna lead to something that's bad. I dunno. Jupiter just made me mad.


What did I just read? Is this an actual story or am.I watching this unfold in front of me? Right when I started to fall in love with Lamar, you just kill him off. Man, I feel for Khylan. He watched his big brother get killed. And for what? What if his real big brother killed Lamar because he's jealous of Khylan and Lamar's relationship? Oh my God. Unless that whore set him up. Great start.