I try to write what I know. 
I try to write what I don't know.
I try to write what is real.
I try to write what isn't real.

Overall, I do call myself a writer because I eat, sleep, shower, and breathe the pens, pencils, and notebooks of the world.
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Description: "The Bible or the rifle?"---ASAP Rocky They say that confessing all of your sins to the Most High can guarantee you a golden ticket into the pearly gates. Yet, they don't tell you about the obstacles that'll come your way once you try to live right...

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      Okay, for the few of you that are reading "Bold As Sin" faithfully, you guys might hate me. So, on wattpad it shows that I only have four chapters, when in reality I have about ten. Well, I'm thinking really hard if I should just mask it as a SAMPLE. Why? I've been working on "Bold As Sin" for nearly six months now and I feel aa though it could be worthy of being published. But, I'm not sure yet.

Forget about the rest of the chapter. I'm worried about this shift in relationship between Geneva and Isaiah. 
      I felt the emotions of both people. I felt the disappointment of Isaiah. I felt the anger of Geneva. I felt the pain and hurt of both. To say that I was waiting for Isaiah to just kiss her would be a lie. I was tripping and acting a fool because I wanted them to kiss. I wanted them to just f.ck right then and there while the others were in the living room. I can't stand to see them upset with each other. I can't stand to see them fighting because I know that it's not how they really feel about each other. There circumstances have them acting this way.
      I'm sad. I really thought Christmas was going to be a great day for them. I bet Yvette is just basking in the midst of the fight. I wouldn't be surprised if she was lowkey listening through the door.
SincerelyBreezy commented on Ruby Red Marionette - thirtyfive | willow

I was hoping that the disagreement with Geneva and Yvette would go further, but I'm sad it didn't. I'm pretty sure Geneva would've ripped her a part. I was ready for Isaiah to make a choice, but my dreams didn't come true.
      Geneva. Geneva. Geneva. I don't know what to say. I'm tired of her lying to Isaiah. I'm tired of her sob stories. I'm tired of Geneva in general. Yes, she's my favorite character, but she confuses me. I understand that she has to do what the Puppet Masters say, but at least try to fight it. Plus, don’t feel bad at first, and then get a sick pleasure out of it. My goodness. I don't know.
      I really wanna see Geneva and Yvette go at it. Please, make it happen!