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Description: Just by hearing a last name, it could carry information that could go back for years. Being a part of the Ocean Family that ran the Carolinas seemed like a big plus for many in the area. Since the 1970s, The Ocean's Eleven has always had the upper h...

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You probably get this alot but your books are GREAT I love them you make me look so basic lol but really your a great writer truly indpired me to work harder in my books keep up the good work because you are really good at what you do 
SincerelyBreezy commented on Ruby Red Marionette - thirteen | craft

My sympathy levels for Geneva are high as hell. She's so lost, it hurts my heart. And it scares me that she can't remember much. I mean, heavy drinking can be a reason, but even when she's not, it seems like she still can't remember. I hope she gets a little silver lining soon.

I'm weary and skeptical of Devin. He's so cute, but I sense the danger in him. I don't like the fact that a coin toss decided their fate. Devin doesn’t fit to me. He's just one of those type of characters that you're hoping to hear from in a story, but always dreading the fact that they exist. I'm watching him.

I need for Isaiah to come back. I need to know what happened to Carlos? And where the hell is Charlie?! He just disappeared!
SincerelyBreezy commented on Ruby Red Marionette - twelve | rainbow

The sympathy I feel for Geneva and Simon is at an all time high. Oddly, this chapter caused me to be angry with Simon. How stupid can you be? You've known Geneva all your life and you still can't move on? She's "cheated" in you in every way possible and you're still stuck on her. Honestly, their relationship or whatever it is, is toxic for Simon. He couldn't handle white picket fence Geneva. He can't handle wrong turn Geneva. And I don't think he'll be able to handle the new and improved Geneva that's bound to come. She only wants to love Simon because she feels like she owes that much to him. He's been taking care of hair since day one and she was right. There is a difference between taking care of someone and caring about someone. Simon's just as mental as Geneva and this thing that they're trying to build won't work. It'll fail.

I need for this clown that Geneva keeps seeing to slap the sh.t outta her. She's a walking contradiction, man. She says one thing, but does another. You know that you're gonna suffer the aftermath of Carlos' death because you just left his body lying there. You and every single person that was sitting around that table. You guys left him there and just ran...why not call the authorities and then run before they came? That's the reason why Geneva is feeling so dead. That’s why she feels like she has to force herself to love Simon. That is why she can't get it together and get along with Isaiah. (Where is he?) The universe has been speaking to her since the explosion at the fish market. This outside force has been following her all her life and now its here a hundred times heavier because she's a deceitful person. She's lead Simon on for years, she dealt with Charlie, and she's fighting off the demons that came with Carlos' death.

I can’t handle this. "I just want to love you."? It's not going to work! There's no thing called love in this story...

Awesome chapter.