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My name is Amy.

My works aren't 100% as perfect as I want them to be, but I try nonetheless.

My addictions in life:
Music~ I need it.
Wifi~ #Nuffsed
Wattpad~ Duh, books.
My friends~ They make me rofl hard
My family~ Family is always first :)))

I am soooo shy, but if I want to talk to you...I will. I swear a lot at school. All of my aspirations in life are irritatingly out of my reach. And I am also, admittedly, self-depracating. I will only approach people I feel safe near and if I don't like your vibes BACK THE F*CK UP. Violent in mind, chatty and slightly chirpy in personality. I may be ranting but IDC, I'm weird.

Favourite songs recently: 
I'm not the only one- Sam Smith
Only love can hurt like this- Paloma Faith
Coming undone- Korn
Prayer in c (Robin Schulz radio edit)- Lilly Wood & The Prick
Lovers on the sun- David Guetta ft. Sam Martin
 #LGBTPride I'm straight, but the LGBT community are amazing~!!!

BFF: @ice_HUNTRESS~ <3 <3 <3
Best Friends in NZ: @1DLova1345~ (; @IrishIwasacat~ ;)


Black Dress

Black Dress

2 pages, updated Sep 11, 2014PG-13
Author's note/Pre-warning: This book is probably gobshite, but stuff it. SHOUTOUT to @ice_HUNTRESS for being my bestest friend ever ILY <3 ;) Anyways.... A brief descrip... read more
0 reads votes 0 comments 0


2 parts / 1 page, updated Jul 20, 2014PG-13
A better title than "How I feel" <--- I mean, how sappy is that?
18 reads votes 1 comments 2


8 parts / 3 pages, updated Apr 25, 2013
Welcome to the dark side, let me give you a taste of madness;) LOL jokes, but anywho please read, and I am aware that what I write makes no sense most times but it helps to know whe... read more
365 reads votes 9 comments 3


3 parts / 20 pages, updated Apr 13, 2013PG-13
Hi. My name is Demi Slater, I am fifteen years of age, take one look at me and you might think I look like your average teenage human female- except I'm not... read more
56 reads votes 1 comments 0


6 parts / 2 pages, updated Apr 11, 2013
A lovey dovey sad kind of poetry book;) I don't tend to do these kinds of poem books but uh....I guess I will give it a go?...Please give me some feedback, even if it's mean it does... read more
180 reads votes 6 comments 1
Wraith (No Longer Publishing, New Book Is Called Secrets Of Winter)

Wraith (No Longer Publishing, New Book Is Called Secrets Of Winter)

18 parts / 52 pages, updated Nov 04, 2012PG-13VideoPictures
This story is no longer being published, but I have left it up so you may see where I was going to go with this book. I am now writing a new... read more
558 reads votes 3 comments 7
Made to be broken

Made to be broken

6 pages, updated Oct 22, 2012
How far would you go for revenge? For vengeance? For Love? One girl survived for seven years (against the odds), with the same murderer who brutally killed her only know... read more
115 reads votes 3 comments 4

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I just realised that Packers' first name or nickname is Al. Al Packer = Alpaca
Nothing Too Dangerous

@ice_HUNTRESS Yeah I just disgusted myself with the title, so I had to change it.

I love the plot:) keep wondering what's gonna happen next!
my sisters boyfriend.

@ice_HUNTRESS u shitake..... I ruush everything then expect the reader to understand
Wraith (No Longer Publishin...

@Akito_Shadow_Sohma soz my friend for the late response, but how do we do that?;)
Wraith (No Longer Publishin...

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