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I know, I don't update this page a lot..sorry to all of my fans..but I was lost and confused. I didn't know who I wanted to be or what I wanted to do with myself. Writing usually helps me with that, but I didn't have any inspiration. Sorry again. Anyways, I'm fifteen years old and I'm a sophomore in high school. I loe exotic pets. I have a leopard gecko :D I play Xbox and I read, constantly. Without reading, I wouldn't have inspiration to create my own world of words. It's quite fun. I'm American. I live in the South, but I wouldn't say I have a Southern accent. I love reading philosophical quotes. They make me think. I don't have a boyfriend, and frankly, I don't want one. They are too problematic, and my life as enough problems as is. I have fallen for this guy though, hard. He's in the army/National Guard. Right now, he's in Georgia, and I think about him day and night. I love him with all my heart, and in my heart, I know he feels the same. There are no other guys out there that can compare to him, and I will forever wait for him, no matter how long it takes. He has my heart and soul, and he manages to do things that no other guy has bothered to try and do. He makes me smile, and he makes me laugh, even if he isn't smiling and laughing himself. He puts others before himself, and that's the greatest any man can do. Enough about him though...even though I usually put his character into my stories (sometimes). I'm kind of random, depending on my mood and who I'm talking to. I'm mature for my age. I don't like childish things, unless I'm feeling nostalgic and I want to slowly walk through Memory Lane. I watch Nick Jr. when I miss my childhood. I feel like reading mature books (books completely out of my grade level) has caused me to mature faster than most people my age. I'm educated and I want to be a pediatrician when I grow up, and possibly a writer. I haven't decided yet. So, yeah. Fan me, vote my stories, and I'll return the favor."


The First Time

The First Time

5 parts / 6 pages, updated Jul 29, 2012R
667 reads votes 12 comments 2
ღOur Second First Kissღ

ღOur Second First Kissღ

8 parts / 17 pages, updated Feb 09, 2012PG-13VideoPictures
Nicolette Danzler and Mackenzie Kingston have always been best friends. When their senior year in high school comes around, new feelings and old foe... read more
361 reads votes 13 comments 38
A Beautiful, Disastrous Storm

A Beautiful, Disastrous Storm

1 page, updated Nov 28, 2011GCompleted
42 reads votes 1 comments 7


4 parts / 3 pages, updated Oct 12, 2011PG-13Video
58 reads votes 4 comments 4
Our Dance

Our Dance

1 page, updated Oct 03, 2011GCompleted
tags / dance our
39 reads votes 1 comments 6

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