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Hello all! I'm Erin. That's me up there (profile pic). I just recently discovered Wattpad and I'm hooked! I I LOVE reading and writing fantasy stories. Vampire romances are among my favorites, but unfortunately, the really good ones are not easy to come by.

I totally heart the Vampire Academy series! It's about the only book series I've actually successfully followed all through. I even went out to buy the last book in the series when it first came out (gasp!). Usually I just jump from library to library until I find what I'm looking for. 

I love rock, both old and new. 

I like to think I'm a very kind person and won't mind helping out with favors. 

I heart wolves, Siberian huskies, beautiful nature, anime (go Naruto Shippuden!) among other things. I like solitude and my alone time. But that doesn't mean I'm a loner. I wuv people!

I was once on another writing website called Booksie, but I strayed from there after a while. That was around the time I stopped reading and writing (gasp!). When I finally decided to get back to my loves, I sadly found out that I just wasn't motivated to read or write on there anymore. And that's when I found Wattpad! I'm re-writing my stories from there on Wattpad. I'm changing them dramatically. I must confess, my writing wasn't quite where it could've been on the earlier chapters of my novels and that's why I'm doing them over. I have two accounts on there, (I know, bad, but I'm not doing that here! I took the time to read the Terms of Service lol), Sunset and DawnAfter. So guys I'm not copying anyone's stories!!! They're mine! But I'll be removing them from Booksie since I'm now on Wattpad and I'm changing everything. In fact, I'm leaving Booksie. 

I like to think I'm original (writing wise), and I hope you guys all do too. I can only find out through your votes, comments, and your fanning me. Ciao for now and enjoy my writing!


Immortal's Bind

Immortal's Bind

2 parts / 5 pages, updated Nov 07, 2012PG-13
After the unexpected disappearance of her closest friend, Karen is not given the chance to breathe as she is soon attacked by a series of ominous, repetitive dreams. Des... read more
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@AngeLover Thank you! I haven't been very active on Wattpad but that's all changing now. I'm devoting time to my writing again.
Immortal's Bind

This is a very interesting story. I can tell, even though I've only just read chapter 1. This story's been on my reading list but I hadn't gotten...
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@jr0127 I love in-depth comments like yours! I'm glad you got everything I tried to portray in the prologue. Now I know my efforts weren't for...
Immortal's Bind

This was very, very well written. Your word choice and writing style are spot-on. The humor is not too overbearing and makes the narration very...
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