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*Grins like Spongebob Squarepants* You clicked on me! Ok well basic facts about me....

(^_^) I swear 20-7
(x.x) I LOVE Robert Pattison!!! And the song "The Lazy song" by Bruno Mars!!!!
(O.o) I have a crazy passion for “Romantic stories” (But I do believe true love isn’t real)
(>.<) I have an imaginary friend call Odette (Usually she tells me to shut up and then disappears)
(x_x) I sing like an injured cat on drugs!
(*.*) I am afraid of Spiders, Elevators, Water, Airplanes and Small spaces. So if I ever was kidnapped on a Small Airplane and saw a Water Spider I would probably Sh!t my pants and then run up and down the aisle screaming "Get me off this *inserts swear word here* PLANE!!!!"
(-_-) My favorite Books/Series are “The Hunger Games, The Mediator Series, 1800- Missing Series, Never Been Kissed, The Shy Girl Has A Gun, The Girl Behind The Throne, Playing Prince Charming and The Other Swan!
(!_!) My Favorite Authors are Suzanne Collins, Meg Cabot, Makeandoffer Racingheart, Roiskate, Ari3ll3-Sanazay, XxCharmsXx and xCandyBabex!
(._.) Who the hell is Justin Bieber? ; ) 
(+.+) Please do not copy my books or my book covers because they are my copyrite :D
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Hey Mr.Kidnapper can you give me a ride home? - Epilogue Chalenge

Hey Mr.Kidnapper can you give me a ride home? - Epilogue Chalenge

2 pages, updated Mar 19, 2011PG-13Completed
This is an Epilogue chalenge for Racingheart, I hope you like it racingheart :D
6,129 reads votes 75 comments 31
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