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Perfect Storm

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Description: I am the rogue daughter of the second most powerful Alpha. I am an underground racer and cage fighter, I guess you all can see how that would get me a lot of money that I never had... I ran away from home two years ago after I shifted. Although I d...

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Clarissa Engelbrecht is a 17 going on 18 year old girl. Her life with boys had been bad but then she met...

Shining_light commented on Perfect Storm - En-Gage

@Hopes_n_Dreams I'm glad you like it. I am finishing up the new chapter. 

When Mason and Aria met they were 16 and in my story mates are only found when they turn 17. 

I will add some more info on their time apart in the new chapter.

I'm looking forward to hear your comments on the new chapter. 


I like this story because its real! People make mistakes. Couples fight. Married people raise hell. But I strongly believe that only together things can be saved. So I applaud Reagan. I would have done the same. He might be a murderer but who am I to judge. He might say it wasn't out of self defence but circumstance makes a difference! Love the book!!!!