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I live on the east coast of Canada in a small town that is home to the Longest Covered Bridge in the world known as Hartland, New Brunswick. I am a writer, reader, and a new member of the Canadian Armed Forces as an Artillery Air Defense/ Field soldier; which is a vital part of the combat arms team.

I am an avid fan of Transformers, Yu-Gi-Oh!, The Avengers, and Doctor Who.


2011: "Forbidden" (Published in 'Inkspots')
2012: "Repayment" (Published in 'Setting the Scene')

(Yet to come....)




"Success is not the key to happiness, happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing you will be successful." Albert Schweitzer

"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning how to dance in the rain..."


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Wow!!! Thank you so much to everyone who is enjoying "Sands of Time" I seriously wondered how people were going to like it! Thank you :)

Ακριβώς επειδή μπορείτε να δεν σημαίνει ότι θα πρέπει να (Just because you can, doesn't mean you should) ~Acheron Parthenopaeus [Dark Hunter Series by Sherrilyn Kenyon]


Rose went away, so the Doctor is blue. 
Ask Donna "Wheres the Doctor?" she'll reply, "Doctor who?"
Sarah-Jane, Martha and now both the Ponds, 
had their fun with the Doctor and now they're all gone.
So ask me again, why the TARDIS is blue, 
there's a sad man inside with both hearts torn in two.


War of 1812

War of 1812

2 parts / 2 pages, updated Aug 28, 2014G
It was the year 1812 when Elizabeth Smith and her family moved from the United Kingdom of Great Britain to what is now known as Canada today, to escape the tension between Fr... read more
21 reads votes 3 comments 0
Transformers One-Shots

Transformers One-Shots

4 parts / 8 pages, updated Jul 04, 2014PG-13
Come one come all to read the one-shots created for one of our favourite fandoms. That's right. Transformers. From Armada to the Bayverse movies. From romance to utter fluff.
257 reads votes 21 comments 2
In Love With A Pornstar

In Love With A Pornstar

8 parts / 16 pages, updated May 26, 2014R
[MATURE CONTENT: For audiences 18+] She is a quiet, private twenty-five year old book editor, while he's an arrogant, hot and sexy twenty-seven year old, Pornstar.... read more
8,543 reads votes 167 comments 23
Sands of Yore

Sands of Yore

Historical Fiction #443 / Science Fiction #454
24 parts / 46 pages, updated May 24, 2014PG-13Completed
When her mother died, she vowed she would visit the one place her mother hadn't made it to on her bucket list: Egypt. And when Bailey DuMont goes she does just that. What s... read more
108,543 reads votes 2,052 comments 219
A Second Chance [On Hold]

A Second Chance [On Hold]

16 parts / 25 pages, updated Aug 23, 2013PG-13
[A Transformers FanFiction] Post DOTM: He was gone, with no chance of coming back, but that soon changes when Carly's sister; Allison comes to visit. It seems as though the saying is true; 'everyone get's a second chance'. Ironhide/OC
9,468 reads votes 270 comments 55
Deserts Flower [On Hold]

Deserts Flower [On Hold]

10 parts / 13 pages, updated Feb 07, 2013PG
[A Yu-Gi-Oh! FanFiction] Merrilee Kail Hansen had never believed in magic, but after suddenly finding herself in the past and being saved by the royal guardians of ... read more
6,203 reads votes 123 comments 36


1 page, updated Nov 23, 2012PG-13Completed
“People call me the Keeper of Souls.” Its voice was low and barely audible. “But, you can call me Death.” Her blood ran cold; pursing her lips she asked; “and what do you want?” “You.”
185 reads votes 6 comments 9
A Spark of Love |Ahkmenrah Fanfiction| (On Hold)

A Spark of Love |Ahkmenrah Fanfiction| (On Hold)

36 parts / 83 pages, updated Jun 09, 2012R
When Larry Daley's niece, Kayleigh, met the man of her dreams she never thought he would be an Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh who came to life every night. Can they keep their love alive or will it fall? Ahkmenrah/OC
8,965 reads votes 94 comments 8
Unexpected Circumstances[On HOLD]

Unexpected Circumstances[On HOLD]

5 parts / 8 pages, updated May 03, 2012PG
[An InuYasha FanFiction] Two pink lines had turned her life upside down. Running away after finding out that Inuyasha isn't ready to be a father, Kagome finds herself turning to someone whom she had never thought would ever help. SesshomaruXKagome.
4,296 reads votes 73 comments 30
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