Hey hey....!!!
      -I'm shaira Mae 
      -I'm 15 y.o.
      -I'm a very friendly person....but shy soo jst hit me up if u want to be friends...not really good with that stuff I'm toooo shy but trust me wen u see past that I'm kinda fun crazy (wat my friends said not me) 
      -I love reading books tbh I ddnt at first but now after wattpad I luv it!!!!...<3
      -I'm hopeless romantic person( well according to my friends) :-)
      -I luv romance,fiesty,comedy kinda books n movies....but I dnt want tooo cheesy kind..-.-
      -I like any kind of songs....but not all..
      -I'm startn HS soo goodluck to me... -.-
      anyway that's all bout me fo now ADIOS!!!
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    somewhere peaceful and happy place wer bs doesnt exist..:)
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    3 years ago

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