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You do Something to Me (mature)

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Description: Pt. 1 Claire was the new girl in a new place at a new school. Donte was the bad boy stuck in a life he didnt see a way out of. Pt. 2 Picking up the pieces of your life is never easy. Yet darkness always gives way to the light.


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When your mate rejects you infront of your peers and subjects You don't crumple No you show him how a re...

You do Something to Me > Donte

You do Something to Me > Donte

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"Into the Abyss of MidNight" Here are some of Donte's darkest and most confused moments.... And a few...

Author's Note

Author's Note

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Me as I am!

ShanellCollinsHesMines commented on Playing Dirty - Chapter 6

Which sometimes made dating a rather difficult task since most guys fully expected to get to third base and many a man had disappeared as soon as they realized that was not going to happen. Eventuall...
actually kissing and grinding can help with that so no she doesn't have to sleep with a man before she gets married just to know his dick size and furthermore love makes the sex so much better
ShanellCollinsHesMines commented on Playing Dirty - Chapter 2

"Just try not to damage the poor girl too much Ryan." Lola wrinkled her nose in distaste at his choice of words, "I don't know why Uncle would do something like this though, honestly, I feel like goi...
right no chance he's banging his assistant on the clock!
ShanellCollinsHesMines commented on Playing Dirty - Chapter 1

Raya turned from the stunning view of the Chicago skyline and surveyed her new office, a wide smile playing across her lips as she took in the huge glass table, the white plush leather ergonomic exec...
awww how's the baby Ethan???!!!
ShanellCollinsHesMines commented on Playing Dirty - Chapter 1

He ended the call, eyes glinting in determination. The game had begun and he sure as hell was not going to be the loser.
I'm sure this is the reason his father did this...and it worked lit a fire under his ass and got him back to work!

I walked into my house and went straight to the bed. I was so tired. It's been a month since the whole situation. Austin still calls every few days, and i never answer. My heart hurts so much. I am v...
she know she is contradicting herself in every other sentence right??