Hi everyone!
So... I'm a girl and my name is Patricia for those special ones who can't read up there ^^^^ XD! 

And I really have NO idea what to write in this thing so if you need to know anything else feel free to chat me up or inbox me. FAN ME! :P

I'm on here cause of @jerichi, who's an absolutely amazing person. My inspiration to life :)

Whatever my dream job is, it would have to include travelling. To BRAZIL!! O.O Brazil...to live with the monkeys in the Amazon in a hut... And then Rwanda. Then China :) 

Shocking Fact - I've never had waffles. Or oatmeal.  And I just realised, I cant peel potatoes to save my life...
I am THE worst at starting conversations. But when I do start, I ramble. ALOT. About absolutely nothing. And they'll probably include mushrooms, candy, non-existent animals, and shapes...i like circles :) :) I love the beach, lived on the coast for forever and I have a facination with Jack Johnson :P 

& yeah... that was probably the worst 'about me' EVER written but, i am totally blank now........

-------------------------------------------- HACKED BY @jerichi----------------------------------------

hmmmmmm.....When I think Patsy I think unicorns...AND RAINBOWS! Skittles!!! TIC TACS! But seriously this chick is one of the nicest, funnest most amazing people I know!!!! No lie...she's sitting next to me disagreeing completely but tis TRUE! You'll regret not getting to know this girl trust me people. And she has CRAZY long legs I'm totes jealous off but eh...I use her to get guys ;D 
SHE IS NOT ALLOWED TO CHANGE THIS!!!! Tell me if she does people!! 
Oh and she's kinda shy lol but when she starts talking damn! She is my FiKey (Fire Monkey) and she says 'That's what she said' A LOT! My little pervert :P The two of us can literally sit there and base a conversation around that's what she said concepts LOL no lie! 

Peace and love
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