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Name Shaenell Arona Stephens
Location Brampton, Ontario
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I blow out my candles on.. May 28.(;

My favourite bands are- asking Alexandria, abandon all ships,one direction, dot dot curve, we the kings, the wanted, bvb and lots more ;3
I love purple xD
I enjoy writing stories about one direction but sometimes I'm just too lazy :$
I'm mostly here to read fanfics about Justin bieber and one direction .
I'm 14.... 
My bestfriend is kaitlynmills.
I love music .
I live in Canada.
I love singing and playing instruments..
I'm not the smarted but I try ;D

Fan meh, I fan back.(;

I'm really niice.
I think..
I love life.
I seem to be happier now than I was before .

A lot of ppl on here say this shit about how they love it too, so I'm not alone here..(;

I hate chocolate.

I love kaitlyn, she is my bestfriend. She doesn't try to be someone she isn't and I adore that. She is beautiful, and I don't care wut anyone says about her.shes amazing. IM JEALOUS OF HER BOYFRIEND. In a non-homo way xD
Although I have nothing against homosexual people O.o

I love miley Cyrus and Justin bieber. c;
I hate Selena ho-mez with a fucking passion.

And NO , it's not because she's dating Justin, I hated her wayy before the whole " jelena " thing happened. Kay? Kay.

I wanna become a famous musician someday, hopefully soon ;D

 " I'm not the prettiest, not the smartest, not the funniest, not the most positive and not the skinniest. But I am me." - ME.(;

I wish I had a British accent.
I would NEVER shut up.
I've always wanted to go to England.
I love British peoplee(;

There all soo beautiful..(:
Not that all people aren't , xD

I don't judge ppl, it's not right .... Except SELENA HO-MEZ. 
I  like emo/goth people, I don't like the fact that they cut themselves but they have their reasons yeah? ;p
The less you care the happier you will be! - some true shit right there c;


Moments (A story about love and friendships)

Moments (A story about love and friendships)

1 page, updated Apr 17, 2012PG-13
43 reads votes 3 comments 2
Now Or Never ( Liam Payne love Story)

Now Or Never ( Liam Payne love Story)

2 parts / 4 pages, updated Apr 15, 2012
What happens when Liam payne from band one direction falls for a girl that seems to like him back, but he thinks shes out of his league.. One day she gi... read more
268 reads votes 7 comments 5

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