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Ok My name is Camila... Hi! I am 13 love werewolves becuz they rock compared to leeches, and I really don't like Twilight cuz those books ruin the name of lycanthropes making them seem like half-naked teens who have some serious anger issues. I love wolves, and any sort of animal... I have two chinchillas who are utterly adorable and my cat Berry who is sitting on my lap as I write this... I love him to death. The best type of dog is the Doberman! And horses rock! Oh and I also like chocolate pudding... Not icecream! :) actually I like anything chocolate, exept for icecream I don't like icecream... And stuffed animals are awesome cuz they are... Yes I still have an uncountable amount of them... They all have names though!
Just so you all know I have a tendancy to ramble... Alot :)
I will read your stories even if you think they are horrible I will most definatley read iit just to prove you wrong! Cuz everyone has talent! Even if they dont know it yet... So please don't hesitate to ask me to read your work, I will probably vote too! If i like it. And please vote if you like any of my stories! I would really apriciate it!




9 parts / 14 pages, updated May 04, 2011PG-13
Rosalita Gonzales has an illness, the doctors don't know what it is or how she contracted it, nor do they know how to prevent it from finally causing her a most painful demise. Thi... read more
1,570 reads votes 17 comments 12
Half Breed

Half Breed

2 parts / 3 pages, updated Jul 19, 2010G
460 reads votes 6 comments 6

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I must say, other than having the same name (I noticed most people have two L's or an e at the end, or both) Camila and I have some things in...
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It's a great story line, but you use the term OK way too much, it's always better to use okay instead, but try to find synonims like fine or alright.
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Oh by the way... JAKE ALL THE WAY!!!! he's such a sweetie! Summers an idiot..."I need to like Mr.Right...." squabble mr.right if mr.right now is...

Jake all the way!!!

Oh my, that ring is absolutely stunning. Its so beautiful, Ethan is too amazing to be true, that boy needs some sort of flaws!
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