You're my sunshine
      My only sunshine
      You make me happy
      When skies are grey
      You'll never know
      How much I Love You
      Please dont take my sunshine away
      I Love That Song :D
      ABOUT ME:
      -14 years young but turning 15 in two more days(:
      -Im bi and proud to say it 
      -Meow •_•
      -My fave colours are purple,red,and black
      -Im scene -.-
      -I <3 photography
      -Single and yes i love pringles xD 
      -Im AWESOME like a NINJA :-)
      -I love my long-lost sister @xNoLongerFallingx - Shes werid in a good way :D
      -Pandas are so cute! If I had one I would name it Koala =P
      -I love my family and friends 
      -Hasnt found true love yet </3
      -Likes huskies :3
      -I love Music(:
      -Mr.Mustache says Hi ---> :-{D
      -Spongebob <3 
      I LOVE ALL OF YOU :3 Xoxo - Shay
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    On a Rollercoaster called Life
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