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Hi, I am Jake. Yes, I am a girl. Get over it. I like to hang out with friends and annoying people. :D I am mormon and I like pie. Especially pecan. (mmmmm)  My favorite thing to do is to let people know I am a freak. So just to let you know, I am a freak. I am considered a tomboy by all. My favorite color is green and Alex Pettyfer is HOT! *AHEM*  I like to read and write stories. I am really loud and like to get my point across. I often threaten to beat people up. :D So, just warning you, I will say things but I don't mean it... sometimes. I like to ride horses and I am a HUGE fan of,  BATMAN!! I have 4 accounts. The first person to guess (Pm us.) who I am on the other accounts wins...a prize.One big one. (Logan says that she will do the same. Logan has one other account. I have 3 different friend accounts. In 1 account, I am a boy!) Here's Logan!

Yuck! Pecan pie! Apple pie is 10x better! I do have to agree with Jake about Alex Pettyfer.;P Jake and I aren't twins. Just very close. We are  twins seperated at birth. Jake and I act very different. I'm a lot girlier than Jake... I'm shy. She's not. We are both shorter than our friends, but they are all mega tall, we are actually average. (Average?! What?! I am short! You are tall! -J) I have big feet, Jake has small feet. I dance. Jake wants to do jujitsu. I play flute. Jake plays trumpet. (Jake is an amazing trumpet player) I'm very quiet. She's very loud. I like blue she likes green. I'm big on correcting my friend's spelling mistakes. It's pretty embarrassing when they correct me. Especially the one who couldn't spell "America" until seventh grade. (HA HA! Brady! -Jake) My favorite super hero is Captain America! He's the best!! I also really like One Direction! Harry is by far the best... Just saying

I'm sure some of you can already guess who we are.

This is Jake and Logan, signing out!!!! 

-Jake and Logan ;P :D




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@XxNightWolfxX I read it too! ;) -Logan
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Harry rocks! Just thought I should say that.... Any who... Love it!!!!!!! You guys finally added! I'm so happy! -Logan
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