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Hello my little Sexy people!

So basically, I turned 19 this year and am as horny as can be!I love Erotic stories, so if you write any, I will be willing to read it. I am Bi, with a capital B, and I really don't want any shit for this. I don't have a boyfriend OR girlfriend at the mo and, a fun fact, I lost my V card when I was 16. It was f***ing amazing, if you wanted to know. I LOVE sex it's like my hobby ;-) 

I find I am really nice (not to sound stuck up) but if you cross the line then I may just put you back in your place, if you get what I'm saying ;-)

Love you all,

          Hope you get horny on my stories,


                                   The Most Sexy Lady You Know! ;-)


The Maid

The Maid

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***Warning! This is for 18 and over ONLY! It is highly sexual and not for the faint at heart*** I walked up to the front door of the average, 1 storied house. Before I even got t... read more
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