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Description: One day after the end of Harry's third year, he wanders the castle when suddenly a whole package of books falls on his head. Read my version of Reading the Harry Potter Books!

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Arielle Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

Arielle Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

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AU Book I. Instead of there being a Harry Potter, there is an Arielle Potter, the girl-who-lived. Her li...

Heat of the Moment

Heat of the Moment

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Finding Each Other

Finding Each Other

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Slept The Whole Night Through

Slept The Whole Night Through

11.7K 296 27

found another old RPG topic of mine! Again with Remus and his daughter. I named her Katelyn this time. :)

dabombgamer posted a message to SerenaSnape
I speak for a reasonable portion of people when I say (even though it doesn't have the same ring to it), I would greatly look forward to an update of 'I Loved Him First'.
      I don't have to speak with mostly proper grammar if that's not your thing: EVERYONE HERE WANTS U TO UPDATE THAT 1 GARRUS BOOK BRUH, SO DUUUU IIIIIITTTTTTT!!!!!!!!
      Personally I think the second one is more pushy, but you know, some people don't read as well (no offense to anybody). Come on at least consider it. Pwease.
dabombgamer posted a message to SerenaSnape
Bruh, just... Bruh, I love your books! Not to mention the fact that I'm in your fandoms as well! (Part of the reason I luvs dem so much) Keep it up! ;D
kirjabug posted a message to SerenaSnape
I love your writing! You are a really good author, and I find myself completely drawn into your books. Thank you for posting them and I'm looking forward to updates of the ones I am reading :)