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Name summer Skye
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im summer i like yaoi, sharp things, dark colors, amine, music, being random, ramen, my friends, makeup, wired names, meeting new people, making friends, being straightforward and being slightly sadistic/masochistic:) wanna get to know me or anything, just msg me.
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My Everlasting Fantasy

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Ahhh I want to read more please dont give up on this !
Hunter, I, Hunter (On Hold)

NOOOOOOO I just started reading this story and it's like all I've wanted to do and you leave me with a cliffhanger D; whyyyyyyy?!?!?!! Your...
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Ohnoes D; upload soon!! Poor quin :o me no like cliffhangers>_< and yay for hunter :D
It Turns Me On When You Say...

Lol! Is that a banana in your pocket or are you just really excited to see me? My friend says that all the time. I loved this chapter! And I love...
College Life

:o please update!:D im like in love with your stories!
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