Hello. I'm Scott, and I love to write books. I wrote my first novel when I was fifteen, and it wasn't very good. I kept writing a book a year all through high school and while I was in college studying Literature, one of my novels, "Jimwamba," was published by Flame Books. I was finally an indie novelist, and it's been a long climb from there. Now I'm older and live in Texas with my wonderful wife Erin, and I've never stopped working on my craft.

I care about books that are entertaining, but also books that make you think. I love quality literature and am always trying to craft something more than "just a story." I put a lot of depth into my writing because I want to attract readers who appreciate that quality in literature. 

Wattpad has been very good to me, and if you reward me with your fanship and votes, I promise to return the favor by bringing you more gritty, cerebral literature.

Don't forget to check out my webpage and add me on Facebook if you enjoy my work.
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Frightened Boy

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Description: A young man is caught in a battle between existential terrorists and a paranoid populace over the last metropolis in America. Our hero must decide whether to destroy or salvage the last bastion of civilization. A gritty dystopian thriller (think Hun...

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The Blue

The Blue

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Derek may or may not deserve to be stalked by an unhinged ex-marine - he's not sure. He did kill the man...

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Author's Note: Normally I wouldn't be so frank, but if you're this far into [sic] then you know me pretty well. I've noticed that even though I get lots of views and votes, people don't seem to comme...
Yes! How are you doing?

Hey! Glad you enjoyed [sic] - your comment made me smile. As for if I would play... I honestly don't know. There was a time when I would have said 'yes' automatically but that may not always be the case. 

I'll check out your recommendation, thanks. And if you're interested in reading more, I'm looking for beta readers for my new novel, Keep the Ghost.
ScottKelly commented on Shang Yin

You write a great story, and I hope you upload more. Your syntax is excellent, I could sit and read the prose regardless of the plot.
I'm looking for beta readers for my new novel, Keep the Ghost. It's complete, now, although I am still revising and editing. If you liked [sic], you hopefully will like this. Just PM me your email address, so that I can send you a copy. Very interested in your thoughts.