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                              I love:
✔long walks on the beach ;)
✔my familia ;)
✔all of YOU, who ever you are



Stalkers...(I am one of them so I should know)
*no disrespect, guys*

It's just too bad that you're missing out on some of my awesomeness because I'm not telling you my whole bio...

If I were a cat I would meow
If I were a dog I would bark
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My Chemical Romance, Breaking Benjamin, Green Day,Panic At the Disco, Flyleaf,Chevelle, 30 Seconds To Mars, Asking Alexandria,Black Veil Brides, Slipknot, Falling In Reverse, Fit For Rivals, Bring me The Horizon, Three Days Grace, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, etc

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The Only One That Cared

The Only One That Cared

27 parts / 80 pages, updated Aug 14, 2013PG-13Pictures
Ivy Walker is the school's enemy, not that she likes it. She has a reputation for being creepy. She is so creepy that they call her 'Girl of Death'. Her two best f... read more
5,572 reads votes 99 comments 27
Taking Chances [ON HOLD]

Taking Chances [ON HOLD]

3 parts / 5 pages, updated Sep 05, 2012
[ON HOLD UNTIL I FINISH MY OTHER STORY "THE ONLY ONE THAT CARED"] sorry. Scarlett Abernathy could be the leader of the world of cynics, but she doesn't e... read more
86 reads votes 4 comments 3
POEMS And Things Alike

POEMS And Things Alike

4 parts / 2 pages, updated Aug 16, 2012PG-13VideoCompleted
This is self-explanitory.... Just me saying things to get the feelings out. I'm not a professional, though. I just write things down when I'm feeling creative.... These are poems and things alike O.o
174 reads votes 12 comments 7
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The Only One That Cared

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Bruh, that is my song!!! Met a girl at seventeen....... keep writing.
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daaaaannnng. powerful stuff.
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I'd like to dedicate this dedication to the dedicator @lexy123
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