I LOVE to read and I'm very lazy.
I love my best friend, Jordan (@jmc1998), even though I'll never tell her that.
I used to LOVE going to school but now it's like, "WHY?!?". 
I have like no hand-eye co-ordination.
I love lip-synching to my fave songs! I get a lot of headaches. I don't trust people very easily, I have trust issues. 
One unusual fact about me: My tongue can touch my nose. I've always wanted to know how many other people in the world could do it but I can't go around the world asking random people if their tongue can touch their nose- That would be plain weird!
Also I'M A DIRECTIONER!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THEM WITH ALL MY HEART! My faves, in this order, are NIALL, Zayn, Harry, Lilo

P.S. Can anyone who's reading this, tell me if your tongue can touch your nose. I don't care if it can't or can, please respond either way! :D

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Description: Sometimes you just have to realize what's right in front of you.

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