I just recently started writing fanfic for fun. Hope you enjoy my stories!

Oh, more details...let's see...I live in Ohio. It's where my husband was born, and I'm happy to call it home now, too. I was living in Albany, New York, when I met him. He was living in Washington, DC. 

One fine morning in July about 17 years ago, we both were in New York City -- I was there to attend a two-hour seminar on the latest legal developments in the industry which employed me; he was there to present  the seminar. 

Afterwards, since we were the only two out-of-towners in the room, the host introduced us. Such a tiny window of opportunity; such long odds against two people ever meeting--it makes me believe in fate. Or destiny. Or amazing good fortune, for which I give thanks daily.

I am writing an historical murder mystery when I'm not distracted by life or fanfic writing.

I crocheted the mermaid in the picture. I'm currently working on a crocheted pirate to keep her company.
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Beorn and the Shieldmaiden

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