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It is our choices (A Harry/Severus friendship fic post DH) (Watty Awards 2011)The Psychobiography of Severus SnapeThe Pureblood (harry potter fanfic)Bad [Bad Series: 1]

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That was one of the the most amazing things ive read in awhile! Made my day, and you should be very around! Thank you for posting your paper!
The Psychobiography of Seve...

I hope you continue this story, ive read it twice now, and think what you've done is amazing
The Pureblood (harry potter...

I dnt normally comment or vote, and I have to say, I'm captivated. And your grammar is good, which makes me happy bc I can concentrate on your...
The Pureblood (harry potter...

Ps, an add to ur rant Cerebrus(three headed dog) is gaurdian of the underworld
1000 reasons why Harry Pott...

Just a quicky, did anyone else scream 'cedric iives!' at the twilight premiere? (i had popcorn thrown at me!)
1000 reasons why Harry Pott...