Hi, guys! Welcome to my profile and my world of stories! For starters, my name is Mollie. I'll tell you about myself just a little bit. Well, I love writing, movies, editing photos, Instagram, and books. My favorite movie is SWAT, and my favorite TV show- if I had to choose- is The Walking Dead; my favorite book is Take Me On by Katie McGarry, and my favorite Avenger is Hawkeye. One major thing you must know about me: I LOVE Jeremy Renner. I also favor other actors, like Colin Farrell, Michelle Rodriguez, and Sandra Bullock. My main OTP: Gamchez. And the last thing in this summary: my favorite villain is Brian Gamble. 

I love sci-fi, romance, and thrillers. On horror genres, it depends.

I write stories of my own kind. I tend to make them unique and creative. The main things I like to write is suspense, action, romance, Clintasha, and especially Jeremy Renner movie fan-fics. :)

I'm most known for my Brian Gamble fan fics. Feel free to read my most current Brian Gamble fan fic, Conning Gamble! It's one of my best stories!

NOTE: I suffer from extreme loneliness, sadness, and depression, so I don't always update stories right away. I also procrastinate sometimes, so I don't always update regularly, but I always try to ASAP when I get good ideas.

Anyway, that sums me up!

If you would like to know more about me, feel free to talk to me. I love meeting new, unique people. :)

Gambilization runs through my blood. There's no cure. And it can be highly contagious.

Gamble lives on!

That is all.
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SHIELD's Gamble (Volume 1): Roses Are Red

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Description: Brian Gamble, a ghost from the past, starts his celebration of making it to SHIELD in his favorite, usual place: the beach bar on a rainy night. But, when his un-compromised, partner-in-crime best friend, Kellie, comes back home to him, the two are...

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