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Hi, welcome to the awesomeness(and creepiness?)of SPK147 and ThisKittyHasClawz. Our reason for merging? Cuz this world needs a dose of an awesome double team. The real reason? Cuz we support each other in our writing so much, and have such similar taste, that it seemed only write that we co-write with each other.

SPK147's description of ThisKittyHasClawz:

First words that pop into your head? Hyper, weird (in the best sense there is), loyal to the end, and smart in a Doctor Frankenstein way, as I can imagine (and have heard her say) 'It's alive!' many times.

What can I say? She is the Ville to my HIM. Without her support, I wouldn’t have finished any of my books, and I deffo wouldn’t have won the Watty Awards or got as popular as I have without her best cure for WB (the Bane of my existence). She has a fetish with the word 'fetish' and has just as an addictive personality as I do. Her taste in rock match mine most of the time, though because of our obscene obsessions with various bands, we can't really enjoy the other’s current interest.

ThisKittyHasClawz description of SPK147: 

Well, she's one of my bezzies, who shares our awesome passion for rock music. We’re forever swapping utube links and the like! She’s an awesome loyal friend, and pretty crazii too! She’s not afraid to get into trouble, but neither does she smoke pot and steal Prada handbags [which saddens me… lol]. Prea is currently [and has been forever] obsessed with HIM [His Infernal Majesty]. I have to admit, their music is ace, and Ville Valo’s tattoos are pretty appealing… 

What else…SHE is the bad influence outta the both of us, I swear, without her, I’d be timid and listening to some crap like Justin Bieber-ick! Prea is well known on Wattpad, as SPK147, and author of amazing stories [not biased, number of fans, comments and votes will tell you that]. She is an amazing friend and author.

Our joint fave bands: Three Days Grace, Papa Roach, Kasabian, Biffy Clyro, Linkin Park, Seether, Skillet etc


Blood Sacrifice

Blood Sacrifice

9 parts / 20 pages, updated Jun 19, 2013PG-13VideoPictures
“It had been a year. A year since I had gotten that reading from that cryptic mad woman. And unlike many people in search of what fate had foretold for them, I had better t... read more
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@SPK147 - dudes, i didn't know i was gonna upload until i did! well, i AM the Typo Queen!
Blood Sacrifice

@Dowsett123 - thanks for reading and commenting! well, it's like that for most peoples! i mean, me and prea are gonna be in that situ next year...
Blood Sacrifice

@ThisKittyHasClawz yeh, im sorta working on it in between breaks of Crminal Mind, so dont log into the account :D
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Oh gosh agen with the confusion @CurlyQue this is SPK147, but I'm logged in my other account. Its morning here and I'm not totally up to speed...
She-Wolf Chronicles: United...

Lol, @CurlyQue u see, before they were R.E.D, their name was roses have thorns, and I thut I edited it out in every chapter, but I guess not....
She-Wolf Chronicles: United...