So... this is what the website calls a Profile...
You put profile-y kinda stuff here.
I think.

Well, as you know, the friendly neighborhood profile stalker is out there, making sure to take notes on everything you say on the internet.
So this will be brief.

1)If you have actually found this page, CONGRAGULATIONS (is that spelled right?) YOU WIN! I'm not THAT social on here. I kinda like to just post a chapter, read a bit, then go back to reality. So don't expect me on here a lot
2) I enjoy a crap ton of different fandoms. If I read about it, I belong to it. If I don't read about it, I don't fully understand it yet
3) I am in the process of writing a book. It's not a fan fiction, but I'm POSITIVE that there will be more of that to come. I have this amazing idea for a series, but I have to develop a backstory for my character first
4) So I might not be social, but if you message me, I'll message back :) I like talking to people, but I don't like hunting people down and forcing them to make awkward conversation. You feel it? Maybe? No? Okay then...
5) I like orange (the color, not the fruit), books, music (Imagine Dragons, OneRepublic, The Strypes, Maroon 5), horses, um...
6) Yeah, I got nothing else
7) My favorite number is 7

Please please please please please check out my story, Between The Raindrops! I don't care if you love it or despise it! I just want any form of feedback at this point. If you tell me I'm doing something insanely stupid, I'll fix it.

I will give my a smile and wink as you call my story complete and utter crap :D

If you wish to offer advice/quotes/covers/plots/ponies/dedications/juice boxes/fans/chocolate/help to me, YOU WOULD BE MY BESTEST ESTEST ESTEST ESTEST FRIEND EVER!!!!
I can comment on stories and vote and... stuff
And yes, I've just now invented the word ESTEST :D

**********LOOKING FOR SOME TECHO WIZARD TO HELP MAKE ME A COVER FOR MY ATTEMPT AT A STORY!! I can comment and vote and... more stuff.*******

Few more characters lef
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Between The Raindrops

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Description: Whoever is reading this, stop for a moment and decide if you really want to continue... So, I assume that, since you are reading this very sentence, you are taking the risk. You're leaving your fears behind and deciding to take a chance. Who knows...

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I promise to update soon, I have like half a chapter done. But school means stress and stress means no writing and no writing means badness.
      I swear I well English! :)
I changed my profile just now.
      There was another chapter a while ago.
      I was reading a book a few days ago.
      It's been a "productive" week this week.
      Seriously, what could the worst thing be if you looked at my story? It won't eat you or something...
      I bet that's what John Green said before his books devoured the souls of millions.
      But seriously, check it?
      Also, happy valentine's day! I'm counting how many times I see valentine's day themed posts on social media. I'm at like 20.
      I really need a life.