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• Hiya sexy men, I be Callumn.
• This is Jake's account but he's practically dead at the moment so I'm here to keep things fun till he comes back.
• I don't really know what else to say.
• I'm from Manhattan... So if any of you wanna stalk me I'm available.
• If you know Jake then you'll probably know that I'm his step-brother.
• For a good time call... Haha nice try. I don't come that easy you know.

My list of sexy wattpad whores:
 @BlowMeAKiss Babe, you make my life complete ;P If I wasn't so into Rick I'd probably turn straight for you :o I'm kidding, you're like my fucking mom, always bossing me about!
 @JammieDodgers He's straight (-.-) ...Guess the ladies can have this fine specimen all to themselves. *_* 
 @iHeartCookie Jake says you're his sister from another mother (o_O)...I'd say the same except I wouldn't want to fuck my sister ;) Haha I'm joking you dirty slut! 
 @JustOneWord We met in Melbourne! Well you came with Liss but still! Apparently you left this site (whatever it is called) :(

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