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Hello wooooorld.
I've taken a very long hiatus sooooo basically all my stories are on hold, while I sort out what to keep, what to fix up and what to delete.

I am going to try to come back, but y'know, school and such. I also want to try and edit everything as well, because I wrote it when I was about twelve and looking back now, I'm not entirely sure how it got the positive feedback that it did. Fingers crossed I can actually make it better, not worse. If you guys actually read this, give me a shout x

AND.  If you comment, vote or fan, I appreciate it to the moon & back & back again.


If you see my writing floating around anywhere other than here IT'S NOT ME. Tell me if you do because that's plagiarism. And plagiarism is bad, because it is MY intellectual property. So y'know. Don't nick it.

I hope you have a lovely morning/day/night wherever you are! x


Roxy's Short Stories

Roxy's Short Stories

8 parts / 22 pages, updated Jun 30, 2014PG-13Pictures
A compilation of my short stories, spanning a variety of genres.
3,139 reads votes 69 comments 76
You'll Always Be My Hero

You'll Always Be My Hero

2 parts / 3 pages, updated Jan 05, 2012PG-13
tags / lie love part way
244 reads votes 8 comments 10
Roxy's Alphabet Shortie Challenge!

Roxy's Alphabet Shortie Challenge!

3 parts / 5 pages, updated Dec 31, 2011PG-13
285 reads votes 13 comments 6
Kitchen Cruelty

Kitchen Cruelty

7 parts / 10 pages, updated Sep 04, 2011PG-13
Have you ever thought about how pieces of fruit feel when they are about to be eaten? Now you do. A collection of (hopefully) hilarious short stories written in the point of view of pieces of fruit, most of which have major attitude issues (:
7,812 reads votes 251 comments 217
Last Letters

Last Letters

10 parts / 34 pages, updated Sep 03, 2011PG-13
After Narina's death, nothing will ever be the same. Her best friends, some on the verge of a major depression, try to move on for her sake, but that only seems to make everyth... read more
3,889 reads votes 113 comments 96
Rewind - ON HOLD

Rewind - ON HOLD

4 parts / 7 pages, updated Aug 30, 2011PG-13
Vivian Stoll has a gift. A gift that she uses to manipulate and frame her sister, making the ultimate, one-sided sibling war while making her own life completely flawless. Bu... read more
1,298 reads votes 39 comments 59
Better Than Revenge - ON HOLD

Better Than Revenge - ON HOLD

2 parts / 3 pages, updated May 03, 2011PG-13
Max Grove is a rebel, delinquent and most of all, a prankster. How she's not in juvie, however, is simple. Her pranks are only minor, and her attitude only an a... read more
1,148 reads votes 39 comments 37
Memoirs Of A Teddy Bear - ON HOLD

Memoirs Of A Teddy Bear - ON HOLD

2 parts / 2 pages, updated Apr 09, 2011PG-13
These are the memoirs of a teddy bear. Humorous and sad, get to know the life story of Ted, the old teddy who abides (abided) on the top bunk of Molly's bed.
546 reads votes 17 comments 20

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