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"No matter what anybody tells you, words and ideas can change the world." -John Keating, The Dead Poet's Society

"Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light." ~Albus Dumbledore

"You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think." ~ A.A Milne

"So, this is my life. And I want you to know that I am both happy and sad and I'm still trying to figure out how could that be." ~ Perks

"Just because it only beats for you doesn't mean it's broken." ~ Gregory Alan Elliot

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I'm Rose.
I obviously write a lot of fanfiction. 
I no longer live in Istanbul! Yippie!
I have a 7 month old labradoodle puppy named Bilbo - I adore him. He likes socks.

My official wattpad blog, where you can find updates, banners, quotes, covers and much more from all my books. Even inside peeks or thoughts on characters and events. --->

And my...well, my obsession blog --->

Also, I've got a youtube channel with a couple book trailers and Q&A's about a few books, so check that out if you don't mind seeing my face. ------>


Existing in Radiance

Existing in Radiance

43 parts / 82 pages, updated Apr 20, 2014VideoPictures
With a new life blossoming, Hazel Bowen tries her best to forget about Severus Snape-the man who broke her heart over and over, strung her along and never really love... read more
11,733 reads votes 744 comments 418
Hey, Girlie

Hey, Girlie

7 parts / 2 pages, updated Mar 22, 2014
"I've spent what seems like decades trying to be structured, And even longer attempting whimsicality. Now I've decided to give up, So I can focus on the words - The ones ... read more
213 reads votes 27 comments 6
Underground Angels

Underground Angels

20 parts / 35 pages, updated Mar 20, 2014
Have you ever met someone and had a funny feeling about them, just the way they smiled or looked at you? Noel Lewis does, and she’s determined to find out what it is ab... read more
5,814 reads votes 315 comments 196
Star Light, Star Bright

Star Light, Star Bright

4 parts / 8 pages, updated Dec 22, 2013Video
A collection of Christmas one-shots starring some of your old favorites; Adalyn, Rose, Dominique, Lily and James and all back for the holidays! There will be silli... read more
315 reads votes 36 comments 19
The Days of Laura

The Days of Laura

3 pages, updated Nov 14, 2013VideoPictures
There had only been six times Ron Weasley had ever felt completely hopeless and doomed. The first had been when he’d left Hermione and Harry in the woods, the second whe... read more
191 reads votes 8 comments 12
Against All Odds

Against All Odds

4 parts / 8 pages, updated Aug 17, 2013Pictures
Life has a lot of twists and turns, chances made as if by throwing a dice. Left or right, up or down? Love or leave? Forgive or forget? For Lily Potter, it all comes cras... read more
1,153 reads votes 59 comments 53


12 parts / 26 pages, updated Aug 10, 2013VideoPicturesCompleted
When someone knows at first glance that the person now holding their gaze is special, there are a lot of moments that can unfold. Laughter and love, arguments or hatred - but mayb... read more
3,536 reads votes 226 comments 178
Living in Shadows

Living in Shadows

30 parts / 67 pages, updated Jul 17, 2013PG-13VideoPicturesCompleted
Hazel Bowen was rescued from an orphanage at age six by the kind hearted and reserved Mo Bowen to be trained in magic. One day she could be the one hope of the Wizarding... read more
9,811 reads votes 615 comments 423
With Love, Ada

With Love, Ada

10 parts / 24 pages, updated Jun 20, 2013Video
A collection of one shots from The One Series; it has all your favourite characters! Adalyn and George, Syrie, Teddy, Victoire, Jacquie and Freddie, Quinn and all the other ... read more
1,727 reads votes 68 comments 89
Call Me Pretty

Call Me Pretty

15 parts / 39 pages, updated May 11, 2013VideoPicturesCompleted
Dominique Weasley knows she’s ugly. Unattractive, unappealing-just positively un-everything. She doesn’t have the same Veela look as her siblings, nor can she pull off the ... read more
11,144 reads votes 543 comments 350
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That's sort of what the story is,title bursts of happiness. I like that. I got a decent amount (though not neay as much as is have liked) and had...
Existing in Radiance

Yes...sad, isn't it? They complete each other so well but can't be open about it. Rose
Existing in Radiance

She's tried living someone else hadn't she, but I suppose she hang really let him go as she'd thought. *sigh* hopefully Sonia and Charlie get...
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They balance each other well I think. I hope she is happy soon as well...I have only ever wished that for her. Thank you dearie, have a lovely...
Existing in Radiance

I'm a week late, no worries lovely. I think Sonia was being reasonable as well. Though not being educated on mental illness, her assumption is...
Existing in Radiance